This one's been a long time coming.

Back in 2007, Warren Ellis selected my track Vilnius Colony for inclusion on his podcast, The4am. I made the track at home using Ableton Live, a crappy acoustic guitar, my journo's mic, some 1210s and the first 2 seconds of a Kool Keith record. Warren's endorsement was the spur I needed to keep working on my own beats, and so here we are three years later, with the first EP in a planned trilogy - Aphasia.

Aphasia means 'word salad' - it is an acquired language disorder. It's kind of a good way to describe the lyrics I write for Morphamish and Chemical Poets, too. Each of the EPs is named after a neurological dysfunction of some kind.

Vilnius Colony and Ram Dass were constructed by myself, with the assistance and post-production skills of Morphamish, who also wrote the beats for Distance. Impact features my fellow Chemical Poet and Sileni frontman Harlequinade on vocal duties; the beats were written and produced by the mighty Asthmatic Astronaut.

It's a fairly downbeat EP - there's some real darkness in the tracks that probably has something to do with the last turbulent year of my life. There'll be some more headfuckery and humour on the next EP, for which I've been recording material with Morphamish, Kid Ritalin, Lee Moffat, and the Chemical Poets.

Thanks for your support of Black Lantern Music. Please let me know what you think of the EP!


/texture out...

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