Reviewed by Will Ellwood

I like this EP a lot! It is no secret that I enjoyed Älymystö's first album Atomgrad. It is the perfect album for driving along the A1 towards Edinburgh past Torness nuclear power station. Atomgrad is an oppressive and brooding slab of industrial noise. The sound for after the nuclear apocalypse.

Sadly, I have not heard enough of And Then You Die to comment on their previous releases. I will of course be making every effort to rectify this.

It is, of course, no surprise then, that I like this new EP from Älymystö and And Then You Die. The whole EP has a cool hypnotic quality. The soundtrack to a Noir inhabited by the decadent survivors of a by-gone-age.

It is in many ways comparable to Brian Eno's seminal ambient album Music for Airports, but this is for the people who squat in decaying reinforced concrete former Soviet factories. If you feel that is me pushing the cold war analogies too hard then I advise you to consider putting this EP on your mp3 player and imagine wandering around the shit parts of Detroit.

This EP could also equally accompany a montage of the fall of capitalism.

For me though this EP does have the same function as Music for Airports. There are no songs. No anthems. Nothing that suggests an easy shared sociable music experience. Just well orchestrated industrial noise for listening to alone while consuming high proof spirits. Less traditionally beautiful than Music For Airports, of course. It is certainly far harsher sounding than Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts I-IV album as well. But it fills the same space; it is music to put on in the background. Music for working to while it permeates you sub-concious. Music that quite definitely is a soundtrack to a rainy mid-winters day where the sky is bleak and you have found yourself stuck in traffic.

I urge you to go to the page for the album and listen to it. It costs nothing except your time and attention. For me, this was a no regret purchase. There are no bad tracks. There is no filler. It is all good.

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