'Synaesthesia' is a neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Synaesthetes may experience smells as colours, or sounds as flavours - they may mistake indie for house music, or rap for dubstep.

"This one's been a long time coming." 

That's what I said when I released my first EP, 'Aphasia,' back in January of this year. Well now THIS one's been a long time coming!
 Several of these tracks have been around for a while - I performed 'Echo Boomers' live on Radio 1 for the Vic Galloway show, and it has been part of my live repertoire for quite some time.  Over a twisted electro beat courtesy of Morphamish, this is a track about Generation Y - an anthem for a generation of feckless, hedonistic, bitter idealists.

'The Dawn View' started life as a track for the Double Helix album 'Future Proof,' and has been resurrected here by Morphamish with some killer organic synths, live guitar and intricate drum programming. It's the story of a walk home from a club at 5am, and a fond recollection of the MDMA years. It's a house track - something of a departure for me - and features me singing (yes, shit).

'Silver Age' features a verse from talented Glasgow-based rapper / producer Kid Ritalin, one of the trio who run the superlative Little Rock Records netlabel. Once again, Morphamish pulls out all the stops with a twisted broken beat and some killer synths.

'Non-Sequitr,' exquisitely produced in 6/8 time by Salem Anders of Burning Bright, is a lovesong for Scotland's slept-on hip-hop scene, the lyrics referencing some of the great Scottish bands past and present, alongside some well-intentioned digs at Yanqui emcees. We made a video for this track, which you can watch here.

A blend of hip-hop, electro, folk and house music, with the familar lyrical concerns of a 'bookworm emcee,' as I've been described in reviews of 'Aphasia.' I hope you enjoy it - please let me know what you think! The follow up, 'Parasomnia,' will be released around the new year.

If you're in Edinburgh, come and see me perform tracks from 'Aphasia' and 'Synaesthesia' at 8pm at Electric Circus this Saturday, alongside Tickle of Burning Bright and DJ Biggi B-Boy Beatmaster B, in our debut live performance as The Black Lantern Allstars. We'll be doing more gigs as the Allstars, bringing in emcees from other Black lantern bands, plus exclusive guests like Kid Ritalin. Keep your eyes peeled for gigs in your area! This is going to be a special show - we've had dubplates cut specially for the gig, and the combination of Biggi's turntablism with our flows is a new direction for us as performers. Full details of the gig can be found here.

ALSO! Come back tomorrow morning for ANOTHER awesome free EP from Black Lantern Music: the thrilling collaboration between Asthmatic Astronaut and Krowne, which mortal men know as KROMATIC! These guys are also playing Saturday. Can you dig it? 



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