New to Weaponizer? Wondering how it all works and what it's all about? Start here!
Weaponizer has been running since 2007. It is an open-source fiction project, involving writers from around the world. We support new and emerging writers, giving them a place to showcase and debut their work, and offering a supportive environment in which to develop their talent and find their voice. We started off publishing just Flash Fiction (stories under 1000 words), in every genre imaginable: we publish everything from serious fiction to comedy vignettes; from dark horror to hard speculative fiction; from detective stories to confessional drama; from the sublime to the ridiculous, and beyond.
That's not all - we now also publish a range of Nonfiction, from Elle Matheuse's controversial op-ed pieces to my own interviews with hip-hop artists like Anti-Pop Consortium, film-makers, and comics creators like Alan Moore.

Every month we feature cover art from a photographer, illustrator or designer - if you want to get involved with the visual side of the site, or want to contribute artwork for our stories and features, please get in touch at!

We publish longer fiction, too - some stories simply can't be told in under 1000 words, so we have a separate section for traditional Short Stories and novellas. There's also our popular Serials section, which features ongoing stories from our core writers. Two of these serials - The Vampire Clowns of Old Poland, by ICAM, and Shriekonomics by C. Brian Hickey, have already run their course - several others are still ongoing, including:
Last year, we began publishing comics on the site - we're currently playing host to the completed, Manga-inspired original graphic novel KINK WALKER: OUT HERE by Will Couper & Morag Lewis, and the ongoing project IAMUS CREATIVE by Paul McCann. With new projects lined up for 2010, including an ongoing Western adventure about the life of Wyatt Earp, to be written by K. Patrick Glover, it looks like this is going to be an exciting year for Weaponizer Webcomics!
You can follow all the action right here, every weekday, on the WPNZR Feed. You can also follow us on Twitter (or join us on Facebook and MySpace), and enjoy some of the most exciting new writing completely free of charge. We will be announcing some very exciting projects over the coming months, as Weaponizer takes its first steps into solid-state publishing, with plans for a Quarterly magazine and an anthology of the site's best content so far.

Be sure to check out our sister site Black Lantern Music, where we apply a similar ethos of open-source, Creative Commons-licensed creativity to the realm of music.

Remember - we're only as good as our submissions. We are always on the lookout for new writers - anyone can contribute to Weaponizer.

For those of you who have supported WPNZR throughout the last four years - thanks for sticking with us. The best is yet to come.

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