Texture here, just weighing in with a quick update about the Weaponizer Quarterly.

The magazine is finished and ready to print - as soon as I receive the final image I am ready to publish. That could be later today, or it could be the end of the week - keep your eyes peeled for more news. The other piece of good news is that it looks absolutely fantastic - the artwork is impressive and vibrant, the writing is superb, and it all flows nicely.

Also, there are various 25% off sales that MagCloud run from time to time - I will try and get access to this promo code, and promote it when I launch the magazine.

I had modelled my assumed cover price ($10 approx) on another P.O.D. mag which grew out of the Whitechapel forum, Allen Wiggs' fantastic MAKE SOMETHING. Allen's page count for his magazine turns out to be quite a bit shorter - about half - which is why the Weaponizer Quarterly will be more expensive. I am full of regret about the unit cost of the printed magazine - you're looking at paying $16.50 US (which is just under £10 UK), with $2 shipping on top. That is nearly twice what I had been aiming for.

I have added a small markup to the printed magazine - Weaponizer will make approximately $2 per sale. The reason for doing this is that I don't want to keep doing the Quarterly as P.O.D. forever, so I need to build up a stake to be able to consider pro-publishing.

Secondly, I want to pay contributors, prefereably from Issue 2 onwards. So although the outlay for a P.O.D. mag such as this is zero, and the artists and writers have generously donated their work, I still need to make a profit in order to guage the size of the paying market, and figure out a page rate for contributors.

The PDF / iPad / Kindle version will be available too - this will be $4. Weaponizer makes more money from the digital issues in terms of profit, so I'll be encouraging people to purchase the magazine this way too. This is likely to be the bigger market - if sales are good enough, the digital distro can fund making the printed mag cheaper. It is also worth noting that you get a free digital version with the printed mag.

The other way of doing this would be to make the digi version free, and put no markup on the magazine... I'm resistant to this because of the arguments stated above, and also because I believe that the content the artists and writers have created is worth paying for. I hope sincerely that you agree!


1 - The first print issue will be expensive - I hope you feel it is worth the purchase. I will be making every effort to research ways of bringing the cost down by issue two, whether this means making a limited print run, selling adverts, or finding other ways to monetize the project.

2 - Depending on how sales turn out, I will consider making the Quarterly a digital-only project.

3 - I am much better at commissioning content than I am at business!

I'd love to hear your views and comments on all of the above, either below the jump or by email - you can contact me at for a quick response, or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks in advance for your support!



brian's blog he never got round to using said...

how long is it? simple way of bringing the price down would be to make it shorter.

Texture AKA Bram E. Gieben said...

That was the plan- the original mag was going to be 28 pages. It's a nice length now though... I'm loath to cut anything. Will definitely consider for next issue though.

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