Daniel likes music. In fact, he doesn't just like it, he loves it. To be honest, he more than loves it. He's obsessed. Compelled to listen. Driven by music. His life a soundtrack. It's not unhealthy, is it? Everyone likes music, don't they? In this often humorous, darkly comic tale from M Trevelean, author of the recent story ZER0, you can learn exactly what goes on in the minds of those people who need to soundtrack their lives, wandering around with their headphones on, oblivious to human interaction...

Daniel sat down at the dinner table, turned off track 33 (I've bought something new) on his minidisc player and took the box out of the plastic bag. Placing the box on the table he impatiently tore off the tape that held the flaps in place and slid out the polystyrene packaging. There it was. Wedged into the foam like a glistening pearl; his new iPod. 'I’m going to need to dedicate a new track,' he thought, as he started to lever the player out of the packaging - track 950 (I'm listening to my iPod) ...READ FICTION: PHILHARMONIC' NOW!

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