Weaponizer founder Bram E. Gieben takes on the subject of Call Centres, a topic he is intimately acquainted with, and explains how they are destroying the creativity, ambitions and quality of life for a generation of workers. 

I was whisked off through a series of doors accessible only by holders of the corporation-issue magnetic swipe card through several pens of call centre workers, corpulent and sedentary, budded off in their own tiny, anonymous cubicles. It occurred to me that because I had no magnetic card, I would be accompanied by my warden (sorry, role-play co-ordinator) for the duration of my visit. Unaccompanied, I would have been unable to navigate the maze of featureless, identical, honeycombed rooms, nor gain egress through any of the doors. This wasn't stated, nor was it meant to appear totalitarian... but the facts of the situation were what they were. Without a guide, I was lost in one of the infinitesimal, microbial suburbs of the customer service Inferno ...READ NONFICTION: 'DARK SATANIC MILLS' NOW!

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hQ said...

If I may be so bold, I think you are wrong; the opposite is true. Menial jobs are allowing us to give birth to the future of art. Call centres are encouraging our creativity, ambitions and qulaity of life.


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