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TRUE SKIN from H1 on Vimeo.

Written & Directed by: Stephan Zlotescu
Director of Photography: H1
Original Music: J-Punch
Producer: Christopher Sewall
Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment
An N1ON Production



Paul S. Grimsley's biopunk thriller serial WEAPON EYES, SIR returns this week on Wednesday, so to whet your appetite, here's a quick flash fiction about temporal dislocation and charity shops from the man himself.

one day he would be a small child and the next day he would be a large child. it was thought that he was a mirror, but what he reflected no one could quite work out. there was a rumour of quantum entanglement being involved - that some laboratory had linked him with someone in a temporally distant location, but of course there was no proof ...READ FLASH FICTION: 'GET YOUR THRIFT ON' NOW!



Attention SF writers! Mark Harding's utterly marvelous MUTATION PRESS, which last year published the award-winning collection 'Music From Another World,' is looking for submissions for its new anthology, 'Rocket Science.'

From the brief:

ROCKET SCIENCE is looking for stories which realistically depict space travel and its hazards. The reader needs to know what it would be like to be there. This doesn’t mean stories must be set in interplanetary or interstellar space; but the technology and science involved must be present somewhere. It could be a story set in a spacecraft, on an asteroid or space station; or about a mission soon to leave Earth’s surface. It could be a first contact, a rescue against the odds, or a study of some unusual space phenomenon. Whatever suits. Don't be afraid to be literary. But no space opera, definitely no space opera.

Submissions will be accepted from 1 Aug 2011 to 31 Oct 2011. I will definitely be giving this one a bash - I suggest you lot do as well (Couper, Hickey... I'm looking at you!)




Paul S. Grimsley has been experimenting with a data-rich, technically inventive style of hard SF / post-cyberpunk in his recent stories for Weaponizer, including 'Weapon Eyes Sir' (soon to become an ongoing serial) and the magnificient 'Simplexity.' Today he continues in the same vein, dropping a laden, hacker-themed Flashfic. More of Paul's writing can be read at Skull Cull and 16 Flaws. The original image for this story is 'Hacker' by lhl.

chewing on whitenoise, living between the channels - time and space moving on the dialspin between moments. he dreams swarms of insects, speaks binary squeal of junk data; lives undifferentiated tissue; hands birdwinging through the air, hovering over an invisible keyboard. he is ever connected, floating in the datasoup ...READ FLASH FICTION: 'STREAM' NOW 



It is my great pleasure to announce the return of one of Weaponizer's early adopters, and a stalwart behind the scenes instigator, the wonderfully warped mind mere mortals know as CITRUS CREED, self-styled 'writer of at least two wrongs and a scribbler of filthy sibilant songs.' He returns with the long-awaited (and unrelated) follow up to the delicious 'Bananas'... what can only be described as a tale of existential transhuman parkour in a psychdelic transdimensional mutant apocalypse. Be amazed. By a strange coincidence, this is our 200th article. Happy 200, my fellow Weaponeers and readers. Hope you'll be around for 200 more!

Final fastened his lower jaw and spurred himself into a run, the alien matter stitched into the meat of his body seething and quickening with restless energy. Ahead of him the looming high-rises gave way to shorter, squatter structures. Already the first lean grey form was at the nearest of these, hopping onto the bulky charred skeleton of an abandoned vehicle then springing to get one foot on top of a perimeter wall, rebounding up and backwards, torquing in the air to grab the edge of the roof with both hands and swinging fluidly up on to it to disappear out of sight, dissolving into liquid shadows ...READ #FLASHFIC 'NORMATIVE FREE'



Paul S. Grimsley tells extraordinarily vivid, wildly imaginative tales, usually in the SF genre - this Flashfic is no exception. If I gave you too much information I'd spoil it... just read it, and watch as Paul singlehandedly makes mathematics epically cool in under 1000 words. Then go and find his stuff for The 434 on Facebook, and have your mind blown some more. What are you waiting for?

Turner pulled the simplicity blade from its sheath, keened its edge on a few mathematical problems and watched as its hunger grew for complexities. Out here on the edge of mathspace things sometimes got quite hairy ...READ MORE



Please give a hearty welcome to Brother Three, our newest Weaponeer. His first contribution is a short story in the form of an interrogatory dialogue - after a controversial series of neuroscientific experiments, a doctor answers questions from two shadowy officials... but what sinister secrets is the doctor hiding about Patient Zero? The original image for this story is 'O is for Occipital Lobe' by Illuminaut.

He began first by scratching his head when confused. Not exactly a rare symptom, so it went unnoticed. It was only when he broke the skin that we realised he was scratching the exact line of incision we had cut along to remove the top of the head ...READ MORE



Matthew McLean's post-cyperpunk espionage thriller KANSAS continues! Hatcher reaches his destination - the Alon Bar, clandestine watering hole of Moscow's expatriate community. Who is waiting for him - and what do they have in store? Find out now!

As an operator for the majority of his adult life, Hatcher first took notice of the windows and doors within the space he found himself. Exits were priority since he was essentially unarmed. The next thing that took hold of his attention was the striking Aryan lady sitting calmly at the bar. She appeared to be checking through a datapad, but Hatcher noticed that her drink hand had disappeared casually underneath the bar when he had directed his gaze in her direction ...READ MORE


GREATEST TWITS #2000 - #3000

Here's what I said after the last 1000:

Interestingly, my Twitter habit is spiralling... it took me just 4 months to do the last 1000, as opposed to two years for the first 1000. It is clearly the crack of social networking.

That was in April... it is now August, so the next 1000 took 4 months as well. Looks like I've plateaued.
So much interesting shit in the last few months though! I've interviewed Alan Moore, El-P and Doseone. On and off Whitechapel, we've had some cracking debates about Atheism, Noir fiction, and the publishing industry. We elected the Tories (yep, still blaming myself, at least partially, for that), dissed Gaga and Winehouse, and praised the godhoods that are Brooker and Warren Ellis... Plus we've published a whole mess of fiction and nonfiction on Weaponizer.

It's enough to make you...
*yawn* 3000 tweets? I'm sleepy now... anyway, here's a recap of all the bollocks you've maybe missed, inbetween my posts for new stories and music and so on.

@Den_Patrick Damn, rumbled.. I am in fact building a genre-fiction Avengers hero team. We're gonna have masks and tights, the whole shebeen

@Tacopunch *runs screaming from the room*

@Tacopunch Fuck yeah, I am toasting that shit right now #byebyeprop8

@allthingsaaron No, of course not. *winks* By which I mean yes. *winks again* In other words, no. Or perhaps. Maybe.

Just got off the phone to Alan Moore. Talked for an hour, felt like ten minutes. Thanks for all your questions folks!

@Fauxhammer How fucking scary was that story, huh? I had to read it with the lights on. I've never had a parade in my honour before...

@allthingsaaron I think if he was gonna choose a high priestess, he'd probably aim higher than a rubber-clad hermaphrodite sex dwarf... [re. @warrenellis]

.... wow, Twitter, you never cease to amaze and disturb.

@WillCouper Yeah. Trying to spam up people with 100k plus followers... it's just astounding some of the strangeness on microblogs.

For those who missed it, my interview with @therealelp is here: #hiphop #companyflow #interview #music #read #rap

'spychological' - I'm totally keeping that typo for later use

"Always consult your physician before using a viral vector to modify the DNA in any of your cells." LOL!

"Id like to see epidemiologists using simulators not just to respond to existing pathogens." #WhyILoveWhitechapel

@chris_graves NOT TRUE! You are the creator of the Space Shark and therefore awesome. Try tailored, one-person #FFs. I do them when I can...

AND! SRSLY! The next interview I'm doing for The Skinny is with Alan Moore... *amaze*

Festival's coming. ChemPo show up in 3 weeks. Already sick of Edinburgh, and the tourists aint even here in force yet. *sigh & moan*

No shit, #Sherlock is awesome. Team Moffat / Gatiss FTW

"Isnt it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?" - Douglas Adams

Just read a fascinating interview with @caseorganic some great advice in there for aspiring digital creatives

@maryannehobbs You will be missed! Congrats on the new adventures, hope its awesome, and thanx for playing my track that one time! You rule.

@PeteyMonster That is fucking hilarious. "Not just around the moon and sun any more... We have to ask ourselves what the hell is going on!"

@oldhat Today basically sucks, I'd avoid it, sugah!

Wow... MTV have made a good job of adapting @goonguy's amazing comic THE GOON!

@catvincent I found it uncomfortable to watch three wealthy middle-class New Yorkers acting to a laugh track while making anti-black jokes.. [re. Seinfeld]

Interviewed @therealelp for @theskinnymag. He says his bitching remix of heinous preteen sextoad @justinbieber was Satan working through him

Watched #INCEPTION last night, fantastic film. My blog post on the #Memetic #Thriller genre:

@remotevoices It's Tuesday now... I feel almost calm

Please go and vote for my tracks so I can win all teh monehs and fame: #texture #weaponizer #blacklanternmusic

There had better be some #ultraviolence in my inbox for

The fifth circle [re. Glasgow cheesy nightclubs]

Wahey! @kpatrickglover has released a collection of short stories! #BUYTHISBOOK #fiction #POD #ShortStory #weblit

Damn you 'From the Net' thread! Saw this: Tried it, apparently I write like Dan Brown! I am mortally offended #whitechapel

Tried some more bits on Got Dickens and Stephen King. #FuckThisShit

Current thinking: #WPNZR book to go straight to POD after August... Going to start a quarterly MagCloud #WPNZR digest too. Tired of waiting!

@fragmad That's arguably very true indeed. Proof: Nick Hornby, a total fucking personality bypass of a man, and his books are utter shit too

@fragmad Of course - there are plenty of people who want to read about self-indulgent middle-class bores... ie themselves...

@WillCouper Staying sober can be tricky though!

@WillCouper Also, the word 'network' makes me sick in my mouth.

#SuddenInsight: Amy Winehouse is the Cilla Black of her generation

@oldhat The colouring of your recent shots is simply drenched in gorgeousness and gorgeousity...

Happy birthday @spoonbard the spectacular artist of the worlds best serial webcomic [by @warrenellis / pub @AvatarPress]

@andrenavarro Mate.... that was AWESOME! Hempbeard = my hero."We be high for the past three weeks, we couldn't fight half a moth!" Hahahaha!

@chris_graves Tend to agree man, I publish stuff by other people, but I don't take a cut, and it ain't pay to play. That thing looks suspect
[re. Whitechapel threadjack by vanity publisher]


Clicked 'Home' for 1st time in ages. Pro-lifers, Jonas Bros fans, spambots... WTF? #UNFOLLOW!

Maybe I can get people to unfollow or block me... #ThingsIHate @justinbieber @katyperry, Jonas Bros, pro-lifers, #fundamentalist #Christians

#ThingsIHate #Glee #football #HarryPotter #RussellBrand #NRA #God #Jesus #Church #Religion #BigBrother #Celebrities #SEO #Marketing #happy

@weerawk There are Lynchian rules? No-one told me!! It's mainly a stream-of-consciousness pre-apocalyptic magickal mystery... [re. Operation Sunrise]

Annual March of the Hideous Scumbags in Glasgow, also known as the Orange March

Sectarianism is for fucking douchebags

Also douchebags: old people. Die already.

@Winneganfake We'll save you THEN use your for food... once we've fattened you up bwah ha ha


For anyone that missed it, Weaponizer #Webcomics launched! IAMUS by PAUL MCCANN #Magick #Fantasy #Drugs #Gods

I think this proves conclusively that @StephenFry is the most insightful person in Britain

The next storry by @allthingsaaron makes me ROFL: "Is that tweed? Did you break into my apartment wearing tweed?" #fiction #bomb #imminent [re. Overdue]

It's #Weaponizer #Update time, beetches!!

Its #fictionfriday! Here are my fictions, mostly in the SF vein

As its #fictionfriday, please also check out the other 48 writers on my site: Talented bunch of bastards, one and all

Oh, you're all on about football, right... I'll come back later. Enjoy!

The funniest dude on the #ScottishHipHop Forum interviewed Loki: go read I WAS JUST WONDERING, BITCH: great blog

@andrenavarro Captain Hempbeard and his Barrel of Happy tee-shirts. Yes. Now please!

"All the fun of a psychotic hallucination w/o feeling compelled to go & stab someone afterwards" @charltonbrooker

"Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done, and why. Then do it." - R.A. Heinlein

#bustoglasgow stinks of piss, toilets locked, full of hairdressers, #wheresmyshotgun

Do us a favour - everyone go and follow @blacklanterns, make us look popular! >___^ chrzthxbai #FF

Watching A Room For Romeo Brass again. Excellent film. Shane Meadows = awesome

Comma EP downloaded 942 times! That makes me super, super happy, because I fucking LOVE that EP.

Themselves / Crowns Down #holyfuck #thatsgoodstuff #hiphop

Listening: Replicas / Tubeway Army fucking TUNE

I am interviewing @doseone (Anticon / Subtle / Themselves / cLOUDDEAD) tonight. Super excited. YES!

@protagonize Yr welcome, site now added to my list of Things To Do Which I Don't Have Time For But Wish I Did So Will Make Time For! Yuss.

Project: ShortStoryNovelSuture underway. Also found 1 page of an #SF story I'd fogotten about, called Bullet Holes. #Writing again = awesome

My profile on Protagonize Gonna start a story this month! [I didn't...]

@weerawk Kid Ritalin's Pretty Scars

@WillCouper Cheers Will! 'Bands' just about blew my mind with it's awesomeness by the way. Moar space opera pleez! [re. Bands]

@andrenavarro Oh how I wish I could tell FB to fuck off and die. But I like using it to spam people to death so much. They love it really.

@andrenavarro F&*%$$ING FARMVILLE!!!

"He held no loyalty to any country or any man. He just liked to kill people and blow shit up." !! @kpatrickglover [re. Bale's Game]

"Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken." - Duke Leto Atreides

@fragmad Linkin Park are basically a Limp Bizkit tribute band... which should fill any right-thinking person with horror

@fragmad I read that as 'raping' and was briefly very afraid [re. Linkin Park's 'rapping']

@fragmad Although in their case, 'raping' is pretty much wnat they do to hiphop.

@Fauxhammer HOLY FUCK NEUROMANCER pleasedeontruinit pleasedontruinit [re. Neuromancer movie]

@fragmad They are very SHIIIIIINY though

"TheStoneThatNeverCameDown is strange: radical Xtian fundamentalists taking control of government, preventing evolution from being taught.."

@TeamMummy "I'd just go ahead and punch a cop." Awesome. 'Vandalism - as beautiful as a rock in a cop's face'

"Feast on my fucking golden delicious vicious verbal torrent." - Eaters, 'Them Fucking Apples'

Burgers, sunshine, beauty, Glasgow #happinessisthebestrevenge

'Yes! I am a long way from home' by Mogwai reminds me of summer circa 1996.

The Freakangels word of the day... see if you can spot it, starts with a W. #webcomics #readthisnow by @warrenellis [re. 'whippetminge']

The Walking Dead TV show is looking pretty goddamn sweet.

@oldhat (sorry please dont eat my salty pork flesh in vengeful fury...)

@oldhat Goddamn sand cannibals! I'm picturing them as looking like this

Had wicked time DJing #cchiphop & #scottishhiphop @StanleyOdd gig last nite w @Asthmatic_Ast, but now I have a massive sty in my eye. GAH!

Whisky helps ease the flow of information from the old brainpipes. Strictly PROFESSIONAL whisky you understand...

"You dont have to say its a go / In my lane I wont follow / All I do is drop and roll / VOLCANO!"

Grumble grumble... effing #FollowLimits...

I BUILD NETWORKS and I'm getting better at it all the time.

Superman did porno with Big Barda? Srsly?

@LynseyMay Yeahbuh.... superporn? Srsly?

Echo... echo.... echo...

@oldhat I totally concur. People need to stop rapping about their dicks. Check yr email in about 10mins for something a bit more like it!

What a bloody disgrace this #election has been. The Tories get a mjaority... what a fucking sad sorry state of affairs


How I feel about the inevitable Tory victory.. disenfranchised, disenchanted, apathetic #election

[via @fragmad] Excellent article on #Cameron. DO NOT VOTE TORY They wil fuck the poor, the homeless, the helpless

Listening to Soundbombing Volume 1. Stone cold classic #hiphop: Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kool Keith, Sir Menelik... them were the days.

@oldhat Right now, that makes a whole lot of sense to me. Being a grownup is a difficult mission.

Please note from now on, by popular demand, I'm going to post 1 #fiction / #article / whatever per day. Just 1. But it WILL be (week)daily! [so much for this.... still doing 2 or more!]

@weerawk Dub'nGrub is a wonderful institution, but I'd be coming mainly to hang out with dudes like you and Grimly and Boag and Tom

I am playing Warhammer 40,000. Its complicated. That works

@allthingsaaron Can I vote for librarians? I love a good fascist librarian, me. ICE 'NEATH STONE: totally freaking awesome.

Can't... stop... poking... atheism thread! Gah! #whitechapel

@vertigojones @catvincent I'm not certain of anything. "I have nothing to offer the world but my own confusion." - Kerouac.

I interviewed @flyinglotus about his new LP #Cosmogramma Read it here #music #dubstep #jazz #IDM #electronica

@andrenavarro Spoon disembowelling eh? Heh. Cool.

@vertigojones Groaning under the weight of awesome fiction! Bring it!

@catvincent Religion as mad science. Yes. This, to me, is both useful and utterly modern. All texts can illuminate, all ideas can transform

@andrenavarro likes boobs. But then who doesn't, eh? Eh? Eh? *nudge nudge* *wink wink* #boobquake

@kpatrickglover *ducks* (^_^) ...!

@Sneak046 ... in a culture where open debate is encouraged - then weak ideas like religion would die off sooner. We too polite as a society!

Wow, the atheism debate on Whitechapel is a potential powderkeg. I'm not gonna post anymore, will have a nice cup of #shutthefuckup instead

"Gaga is the poet laureate of the supremely banal." Via Warren Ellis.

Caprica Six is on Warehouse 13! HAWT.

Oh shit, Texture's #ranting about #music #journalism. Everybody duck.

@Fauxhammer! Eyyy! Just noticed you wearing yr Weaponizer top in the Scrunchface vid! Cheers dude!! You rock.



Today we begin a new SF Serial by a new Weaponeer: Matthew McLean, writer of the comics and culture blog madbastard, who has also produced comics work for the likes of BOOM! Studios and other comics publishers. Kansas is a post-cyberpunk mystery: Chapter 1 - Awakening starts with a man waking, head bandaged, in an unfamiliar apartment... The original image for this serial is 'Megacity' by Raunov.

Outside, the metropolis beckoned, but it, as many things, would have to wait. The bandaged man had only just begun to regain consciousness for more than a few minutes at a time. The dust leapt in between the rays of light afforded by the slats, and their hypnotic pattern nearly enticed the bandaged man back to sleep, but the buzzing of the alarm clock interrupted his trance ...READ MORE



BB Smith, author of The Answered Prayers and The Secret of the Red Dust, is back again, with this exemplary little flashfic about the coming Terran Diaspora. The original image is from Nasa.

We sat at the top of the extinct volcano watching the last of the rocket ships leave - the ground, the atmosphere, us. All over the world water levels had risen tremendously. Cities, counties, drowned and slowly forgotten ...READ MORE


The Glass Desert is the stunning Weaponizer debut of Edinburgh writer Andrew Stott. Equal parts Dune, The Man Who Fell To Earth and post-apocalypse fable, it is the story of Setus, a lonesome survivor of an un-named apocalyptic event, who lives with his father in the midst of a vast, unfriendly desert plain. When his father goes missing, Setus must leave behind everything he knows, and travel into the wilds of the great Glass Desert. Hallucinatory, visionary SF - enjoy! The orignal image for this story is 'Desert' by Daniel 1977.

The sun beats down on the top of Setus' head. It is a fierce sun, and it is close to the world. The average temperature is three hundred and forty seven zanders. That is hot. In our terms it is desert heat, and, indeed, all around Setus is desert. He sits at the corner of his father's house. His father is not at home. He is out. Hunting. He is flying across the plains, his zak-zic sontern laser in his hands, looking for Huntera, a type of camel which inhabits this world ...READ MORE



Please welcome new Weaponeer Paul S. Grimsley, a prolific writer whose work can aso be found on Skull Cull, Writers Prizefighters & Caffeine Inspired All-nighters, and 16 Flaws. For his first outing he brings us a cautionary tale of lo-fi time travel. The original image for this story is 'Musee D'Orsay Clock' by Atelier Tee.

he is watching the back of his own head wondering whether he should indeed pull the trigger. calculations of paradoxical ramifications were always one of his strong points, but how does the disintegration of reality weigh against moral obligations? ...READ MORE



2019 has been on hold for a while: we've been doing some thinking about how it should work, and have put some deus ex machina in place for when the world opens up to other writers. For those of you who have just joined us, 2019 is a template for distributed fiction; a groupthink; a proto-ARG; a Nanotech fable for you to play in. I've had some hep with the last few parts. Today's guest writer is ICAM (author of The Vampire Clowns of Old Poland and Too Many Cooks). The original image for the story is 'Urban Monster' by Caruba.



When its 10 parts have all been published, the world of 2019 is open to other writers to set stories in. You can use (or not use) any of the characters mentioned in these datablasts, and you can add to any of the ideas contained herein. Please email all submissions* to

*Please withold your entry until all 10 parts are published.



BB Smith, author of The Secret of the Red Dust, returns to Weaponizer, this time with a longer tale, set in a refugee camp in the near future. Trapped inside the camp by high-tech weaponry and armed guards, Molanda and her husband fear they will never lead their people and their families to freedom. But everything is about to change... This is a really crazy story, I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm pretty sure it qualifies as Social Realist SF, as defined by Will Ellwood, too. Brilliant stuff. The original image for this story is 'Tent City' by Kaje Yomama.

Molanda put her hands on her son’s shoulders. She could see that her husband, Charles, was deeply suspicious of the whereabouts of their captors. His fists clenched tighter than usual as he waited for something awful to happen. The quiet landscape that surrounded the camp seemed to only taunt his suspicions further. The camp itself was nine miles in circumference, six for the shacks and kitchens and shower rooms. There was one mile for The P.M.P. (Perimeter Motion Preventer) dome, made up of millions of tiny red cubes, circles and triangles, fused with lethal lasers that would incinerate anything that breached the perimeter.



A special treat for you science fiction fans tonight. Perennial Weaponizer favourite Will Couper has contributed some excellent stories in the past - you'll all remember the sly horror of Slipe Cats, and the supernatural thrills of The Torch Skull... now Will has brought us some hard SF: a space adventure that bristles with ideas, energy and suspense. An anomoly races through the universe, with the crew of The Celestial Flower in hot pursuit... but what are they chasing? The answer could very well take them to the brink of doom.... The stunning image for this story is 'La Luna' by Gwendolen.

The asteroids were jostled in a domino effect moving outward through the field. There was no way of escaping it, as it was too wide and moving too fast. A shudder ran through the ship, causing the superstructure to twang and thrum and rumble. The paved floors of the walkways vibrated and filled the air with rock dust as some of the paving slabs were loosened from their seating. Crew members and passengers danced along, worrying that the moving stones would hurt them, or worse, kill them. They scrambled with unsteady panic to the walls for support or rushed into shops or homes – any home ...READ MORE

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