Credo (US title: The Devil's Curse) is a new UK horror film coming out in 2008, starring Neil Marshall's favourite first lady of action (and Weaponizer's tip for action-heroine-supreme of the future), MyAnna Buring (The Descent, Doomsday, Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet), plus ex-Boyzone singer Stephen Gately. The film follows the exploits of a group of students who move into an abandoned building, and discover evidence of Satanic rituals and gruesome deaths. One by one, they succumb to the evilness! An independently produced film, made entirley in the UK, Credo looks set to become something of a cult classic.

Look out for my interview with director Toni Harman and writer / producer Alex Wakeford, coming soon to Weaponizer.

Check out the awesome Credo website for more information.



This is my friend AK47's (very) new project - A.R.M., the Anti-Religious Movement.

Their aim seems to be to get all up in people's faces about their religious beliefs. They do this to draw attention to the negative aspects of religion, from mainstream religion's treatment of homosexuals, to the involvement of religious movements in wars and acts of cultural repression, to the sabotaging of scientific achievements and knowledge in the name of tradition, as practised by groups who support creationsim, and our old friends the Scientologists.

As Anonymous continue their attacks on that esteemed 'church', A.R.M. seeks to collectivise opposition to religion, with the eventual goal of "...the slow but steady destruction of organised religion" in mind. Scientist Richard Dawkins, himself an outspoken opponent of religious belief, has called atheism the belief system that dare not speak its name - this is what A.R.M. wants to change. Through "...well argued philosophical, scientific, and sociological rationale, political activism, and the networking of a plethora of worldwide anti-religious and atheist organisations," A.R.M. will be attempting to co-ordinate and publicise rational, ordered, and reasonable attacks on the 'big three' religious movement - Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Preparing to fight a war of words and ideas, A.R.M. seeks to make people proud atheists, prepared to speak out for their own beliefs, and to question the beliefs of others. "Irrational faith is on the march, creating an increasingly dangerous world of growing polarisations," reads their MySpace profile. "Hence the time has come for us to soldier up and do something about it."

I'll let you know when you can buy the t-shirt.




A response to Chris M Ferguson's earlier post. Thought Vampire McCain could use an undead running mate. Excuse my piss poor photoshop skillz.



Spent today working on my tax return. Not the most fascinating of chores. For reasons long, boring and complicated, I am paying a shitload of tax this year. No way to avoid it. So I have been itemizing all the pens and shit in the office in the hopes of writing them off against the bill. But the funny thing is that I have no real idea what I'm doing... I stick all these numbers in columns and kind of hope for the best, let my accountant figure out the details. What I've learned is that it's broadly the same whether you earn a pittance, or come into a windfall - you have to lube up and let the tax man fuck you regardless.

By extension, the funny thing about my wrongheaded, muddled approach to tax, is that is my exact same approach to writing and also my professional life as an office administrator.

I'm faking it! I'm faking it!

I really don't have a clue what is going on, most of what I say / write is parrotted from other people, in a very Susan Blackmore-esque subconscious way. Whether I write a short story or submit a tax return, I am just a monkey pulling faces, poking hornets nests with sticks.

I wish I could be as clued-up and on the money as others I see working in the creative industries, but I'm not. I don't have any idea how I'm going to earn money in a few years time. I'm not qualified for anything. I'm a semi-intelligent guy with no proof of my intelligence save an arts degree that gets me precisely nowehere. If I'd had the sense to get into IT like most of the other creatives I know, at least I could put food on the table in a few years and still retain some shreds of dignity... but know, I chose to go for the all or nothing idiot deal. If I don't write something spectacular in the next few years, I am royally screwed.

That said, life is good. I'm working variously on the full release of my band's album (currently still available as a free download). I'm editing and designing a poetry collection with two friends - this will be out in October some time. I'm also gearing up for a six month stint in New Zealand, where I will most likely add some more jobs like Fruit Picker and Coffee Shop Waiter to my illustrious CV. I'm DJing tonight at a busy nightclub in Edinburgh. I get to express myself creatively on my site, or rant freely on this blog as and when I feel like it. I have two writing collaborations on the go, and a gig booked at the end of October.

In short, I'm living the middle-class, pseudo-slacker dream. And I'm terrified of waking up from it. I know I'm priveleged, but I'm also terrified! I want to be grabbed by something, an idea so huge and involving that it subsumes my very soul to its will. I want (I NEED) The Idea to come and give me a purpose, something to tie together all of the disparate threads. I want to wake up every morning filled with the need to write.

However, I accept that it's more likely that inspiration will fail me. That my tastes in music will corrode and rust, eventually consigning me to the junk pile of musics-past. That there are other bands / writers out there who want it more, who are more focused, who are in short BETTER at this than I am.

But I keep trying, because I don't know what else to do. I don't know if my illusions about who I am and where I might be going are all that's keeping me afloat, or whether they are the main thing standing in the way of success.

Yep, I'm still a confused, pretentious teenager, but now my body is nearly twenty-eight years old. I'm just pretending to be a grownup. I know I don't have the dilligence or the talent of my peers, I'm just an imitator. But I'm going to keep on, an irritant on the skin of people who are better at this than I am, until I fall off hopelessly into alcoholism and call centre work. Eventually, my dreams will crush me with their weight.

I have no connections, no friends / family in my desired industries to give me a leg up, no valid qualifications, no relevant experience... nothing but hunger, passion, and meagre talent. Making this work will take luck and effort. One of those is hard to find or make, the other is a constant aspiration that I rarely manage to achieve. So yeah, today, I'm feeling like I am proper fucked. The fall is imminent.

It's as certain as death and taxes.





Thanks very much to Nigredo on Whitechapel for the link.



In The Know: Are We Giving The Robots That Run Our Society Too Much Power?

Thanks to Citrus Creed for the link!



Thanks to alephnought on Twitter for the link



On the last weekend of the Edinburgh Fringe, Chemical Poets Tickle and Texture, along with beatboxer extraordinaire Psylent V, took to the streets with a portable amp and speakers. We went to the corners, taking the cypher back to the streets. We'll be back soon - watch out Burghtown.

Download Apocalypse Live! by Chemical Poets:




Uh-oh, I pissed off the Christian fundamentalist poets.

My verse, Reverse Religion, inspired some pretty interesting comments on Coffee Connection:

Frank P. Lester wrote...
TOTAL GARBAGE....Obviously this is written by satan himself! Don't waste our are just spreading hellish trash ...maybe you do this because you are aiming to be in hell??? PLEASE everyone reading this...pray for this LOST SHEEP.

Henery Stillian
WE ABSOLUETLY AGREE with Frank's comment above. You Texture are following the father of ALL LIES! This is not poetry, nor literature for there is NO TRUTH nor any beauty in it. Still know God does LOVE YOU and died on the CROSS for YOU. REPENT my child...or it (the beast) will destroy you forever...that's his only goal destroy souls. WE WILL PRAY for your enlightenment and salvation....

Once again my fellow...PURE TRASH...

Wasn't all bad though! Shout out to david here...

Keep on spitting it out Texture. I won't pray for you, just acknowledge you as someone who shows little fear.

It's always nice to get feedback!


From YouTube:
"More than 280 people were arrested here in St. Paul Monday, the opening day of the Republican National Convention. Among them were several journalists covering the protests in the streets, including three from Democracy Now!"

This happened just a few days ago. Get the full story here and here, I'm still working my way through the links. Got this from zoembie. Really shocking stuff.


Today was fucking shit (epic laptop fail, general feelings of self-induced artistic choke, etc etc), so I need some cheering up.

Aaah! That's much better. Thanks Ema J for that.

Now I must instruct you to go and read some stuff by the awesome Jamie Smart, who writes my favourite comic about demon-infested cute widdle kitties.

Enter the world of Bohda Te...

Go read Ubu Bubu (now available as a comic from SLG)

Read The Bum Diaries

Then Angry Little Robot

And finally, Swearing For Kids

Tell me this man is not a genius, sent to save us all from mediocrity and comics that lack ze toilet humour. You can thank Warren Ellis for that.

If you feel like it, have a dubstep mix I did a few days ago.





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