Dub Gabriel is an electronic producer from the US - his new album, Anarchy & Alchemy, features contributions from Michael Stipe, Karen Gibson Roc, Other Weapons and Juakali. It's a fascinating brew of dub, punk, ragga, hip-hop and dubstep. Check it out.

Thanks to Krish for turning me on to this one.



Welcome to 2009, Weaponeers! Doesn't it sound like THE FUTURE has arrived? Sure does to me. After a mini-sabbatical (largely owing to my still-ongoing, extended road trip through New Zealand), we're back with a clutch of content that will expand your mind, tickle your funny bone and freak out yer Ma.

We've got two exclusive Features this month - I interviewed super-intelligent rapper K-the-i??? (Big Dada / Mush) about his recent album, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: a stunning brew of speculative science, far-out philosophy and banging deconstructed club beats, courtesy of superproducer Thavius Beck.

We also have a spooktacular interview with Alex Wakeford and Toni Harman, the writer / producer and director of new British independent horror flick Credo (or The Devil's Curse, for our US audience). They tell us all about working with UK horror queen and muse of Neil Marshall, MyAnna Buring, and former Boyzone singer Steven Gately. Plus, they give us the lowdown on the ghostly goings-on on their spectacular location shoots.

We've also got a plethora of fiction for you this month: there's the Gothic horror stylings of new contributor Will Couper; the historical fiction of Fran Flett Hollinrake; Magnus Huntly-Grant drops a medical SF bomb; plus two contributions from New Zealand poet / writer John Irvine, whose twisted humour will have your sides aching.

Here's this month's fiction playlist:

Flash Fiction:
THE TORCH SKULL by Will Couper
NEARLY HOME by Fran Flett Hollinrake
AN OBITUARY by Magnus Huntly-Grant
EFFICACY by John Irvine
THE KILLING JAR by Bram E. Gieben

Short Story:


Also, be sure to check out the always-controversial Elle's Bells, and the batch of new poetry clips on our Videos page, from myself, Texture, and US rabble-rouser and Slam-slayer, Sophia.

Finally, a Weaponizer first, and an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for our faithful readers. We have a free copies of an illustrated short story, in luxury PDF format, to give away:

THE SUNSHINE KIDS is written by darkmeister Harlequinade (Sileni / Chemical Poets) and illustrated by the superbly talented Inkmoth. It's a disturbing, terrifying and absolutely exquisitely drawn and written tale that you simply have to see to believe! To receive your FREE copy, simply email, and we'll email you back with a download link and password!

.... You still here? OK then, here's:


The excellent value download service 14Tracks, owned by Boomkat, delivered several collections of epic dubstep action for very small beans - featuring the work of Joker, Zomby, Rustie and 2562 among many others. The most recent collection was a 2-Step Special - be sure to check out the Wonky Special too!

(While you're at it, grab yourself a free 45min mix from Joker's MySpace. Brrrrap!)

Our album of the year has got to be the awesome dubstep / rave soundclash of Starkey's Ephemeral Exhibits, on the always excellent Planet Mu label.

Diplo released Decent Work For Decent Pay, a collection of his most addictive and ear-bashing remixes from the last few years, featuring Daft Punk, M.I.A., Spank Rock and many more! Play it loud - another classic from the Ninja Tune stable.

Sticking with all things Ninja, our darling Daedelus also released a spanking new album in 2008: Love To Make Music To sees Daedelus exploring early rave, BMore and crunk flavours in his own unique, organic style. This album is a MUST.

Roots Manuva released the awesome Slime and Reason, a collection of far-out ragga / hip-hop bangers with a decidedly upbeat, party-time vibe, from the UK's leading hip-hop / bass label, Big Dada.

We've also been digging the music of songwriter Kemper Norton, who has recently offered his Wintervals EP for free download. Good on you, Kemper! Brilliant stuff. We found this link on Warren Ellis' forum Whitechapel - a great source of free music from new artists, plus a great place to gather esoteric DJ Mixes.

Finally, we are reliably informed that Weaponizer favourites Eaters have completed their new album Wives, which will be released in mid January. Check out our feature on Edinburgh's original weird-hop specialists, and go pre-order your copy now!

You still want more music? Check out our favourite electronic music site Noise Porn for more links, reviews and downloads!

Ooooh, but there's some exciting box-office cheese coming your way in 2009. Go check out the previews for the fanboy-tastic orgy of comicbook goodness that will be... Wolverine: Origins; Lost creator JJ Abrams' uber-epic take on Star Trek (featuring Simon Pegg as Scotty, and Zachary 'Sylar' Quinto as Spock!!! Woo-hoo!); Christian Bale as John Connor in the probably-going-to-be-shite Terminator: Salvation; and Frank Miller's stupidly noir take on The Spirit. Oh, and there's also some movie called Watchmen coming out? Whatever.

I haven't been buying comics, because I'm backpacking... I miss Deadhead Comics in Edinburgh so much! Sigh. Luckily, the world of webcomics has been keeping me fairly fixed up with new shiz: go check out Jamie 'Ubu Bubu' Smart's new site, FumBlog, for some random kawaii kitty action and ridiculous violence, and then drop by Warren Ellis' awesome Remake / Remodel thread on Whitechapel to check out some superb art from the people who will no doubt be kicking all kinds of ass in a comic book near you in the near future! Still want more? Go and read the end of epic Manga zombie saga The Black Cherry Bombshells on Zuda, which is coming to an end in January after a solid year of decapitation and sexy dancing.

Hail, Weaponeers! Welcome to the future!

- Texture, Keri Keri, New Zealand, Jan 2009

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