Have you seen Bronson? Best British film in years. Check this madness out.


Will Couper is one sick puppy. A master of creeping horror and disturbing imagery. His book Cutting Chills is out now. His latest flash is dark as hell. Enjoy!

“It’s quite a sight to behold.”

The cats slithered across the ceiling before dropping down on the heads below. The creatures were unlike any cat that had ever been ...READ MORE



Juice Aleem is a legendary figure in UK hip-hop - a founding member of Gamma and Shadowless; a collaborator in New Flesh, and guest artist with uncountable seminal acts, from Hexstatic to Evil Nine (to name just a few). His debut album, 'Jerusalaam Come' has therefore been eagerly awaited by fans of literate, intelligent hip-hop. The wait now over, WPNZR spoke to Juice Aleem about life, lyrics and hip-hop history.


Another new writer, Will Ellwood came to our attention through his blog Quick Tales, wherein Will attempts to write Flash Fiction pieces from suggestions made by fellow Twitter users. His first story for WPNZR is just such a tale - the weird body-awe parable Full of Stars:

"What am I looking at?" she asked me. I don't know anything about astronomy beyond what I have learned from TV documentaries. But I knew what a galaxy was. And the doctor had explained to me that there were such things as 'superclusters' of galaxies which could contain up to thousands of individual galaxies. The picture my mum was holding was the cyst that had been growing on the outside of one of my ovaries...READ MORE


By new writer John Royal, a writer and blogger of some years standing, Hungry is a dark little vignette about self-image:

She started off smiling, like every lunch. She was happy--she had her friends, her breath didn’t smell, she didn’t have food in front of her and, finally, her friends weren’t bugging her anymore about it. They all ate, laughed and smiled too. She was happier than she had been in a while. Then, she announced she was going to the bathroom. The boys smiled and nodded, but the girls carried worried looks on their faces. As she got up to walk to the bathroom, no one stood up to go with her...READ MORE


The wait is finally over. The new-look, all singing, all dancing new Weaponizer site is up and running!

For the uninitiated, Weaponizer has been running for just over eighteen months. It is an open-source fiction project, involving writers from around the world. Focusing on Flash Fiction (stories under 1000 words), we publish everything from serious fiction to comedy vignettes; from dark horror to hard speculative fiction; from detective stories to confessional drama; from the sublime to the ridiculous, and beyond.

That's not all - we also publish a range of Nonfiction, from Elle Matheuse's controversial op-ed pieces to my own interviews with hip-hop artists, film-makers and comics creators. There's more Nonfic on the way - having taken on several new writers and editors, you can expect to see the breadth and scope of our journalistic work increase over the next year.

We publish longer fiction, too - some stories simply can't be told in under 1000 words, so we have a separate section for traditional Short Stories and novellas. There's also our relatively new Serials section, which features ongoing stories from our core writers. One of these serials - The Vampire Clowns of Old Poland, by ICAM, has already run its course - two more are just getting started.

So what's changed since we were last online? Well, we've got a spanking new look for the site - in response to feedback from our readers, we've switched the site over to a white background with black text, which is easier to read. The site is now easier to navigate, with each section having it's own archive page, numbered in chronological order.

The most important change however, is right here on the WPNZR Feed. We've abandoned the mass-mailings and mass-uploads of the previous site model - from now on, we'll be giving each article it's own page on the Feed, with a sample of the content and a direct link to each piece. So no more fumbling about in the site, trying to find an article - from now on all you need to do is subscribe to this RSS Feed and check it every few days for new content. We'll be posting other stuff here - the usual editorial rambles, breaking news and entertaining link-blogging you've come to expect from the blog. You'll also see some new faces joining the editing team and contributing their own links and posts in the next few months.

So what have we got coming up? Well for starters, we've got an exclusive three-part interview with the biggest lyrical masterminds of the UK's best independent label, Big Dada. We kick off with Juice Aleem, rapper with Shadowless, Gamma and New Flesh, and follow up with an in-depth interview with the seminal Anti-Pop Consortium, recently signed to the label for their new album, Fluorescent Black. Part three features the mighty Thavius Beck, the brains behind the recent k-the-i??? album, half of Labwaste, and co-producer of the recent Trent Reznor-assisted Saul Williams project, Niggy Tardust.

Another new element we are really excited about is the new-look front page. Here, we'll be hosting vibrant new artwork and short comics - although we won't be archiving this work, each month we'll have a new feast for the eyes and brains for you to stare at in dumbfounded awe. This month's cover star is the hugely talented Andre Navarro - check out his amazing two-page strip now!

Fiction-wise, we've been saving some content for the launch - we've got some cracking stories from new writers like Will Ellwood and John Royal, not to mention exclusive new pieces from fan favourites like Dan Black, ICAM, and Will Couper. We'll be adding these to the site and the Feed every few days. In addition, we'll be giving each of the older stories a new RSS link, so if you've missed any of the content we've put out so far, you'll have the chance to catch up! We will also be upping the stakes on the Weaponizer Video Channel, adding new content with higher production values and a bigger range of subjects.

So your instructions are simple - subscribe to this Feed, follow us on Twitter (or join us on Facebook and MySpace), and enjoy some of the most exciting new writing completely free of charge.

A post-script - those who've been paying attention will notice that our Downloads section is now gone. There's a reason for this - WPNZR is collaborating in the launch of a new free-to-download netlabel, called Black Lantern Music. All of the bands we are involved in will be releasing exclusive EPs on Black Lantern, and we've got some very exciting projects lined up from people beyond our immediate fam as well. We will be adding each Black Lantern DL to the WPNZR Feed after the site launches, so subscribing to the Feed will also ensure you get a wealth of free music from the likes of Chemical Poets, Asthmatic Astronaut, Morphamish, Burning Bright, and Sileni. Those of you in Edinburgh should join us for the Black Lantern Music launch at NeverZone: Behind the Light on 31st October. More news on the Black Lantern project as it happens!

Remember - we're only as good as our submissions. We are always on the lookout for new writers - anyone can contribute to Weaponizer.

On a personal note... It's been a long, strange trip. This site started as a blog, but highly influenced by Warren Ellis' ROTOR concept, it has become so much more - an online resource for aspiring writers, a trove of inspiring new fiction for readers disillusioned with mainstream publishing, and a channel for the distribution of everything from music, to short films, to comics. For those of you who have supported WPNZR along the way - thanks for sticking with us. The best is yet to come.

3.... 2.... 1....


- Texture, WeaponLabs, Edinburgh, September 2009


I'll finish with a very brief plea for aid. The site was set up entirely using my own funds, and I have learned a lot from administering and programming it. Now, however, the site has some overheads, not least of which was the awesome re-design undertaken by Monkeytribe Design (a round of applause, please!).

If you've enjoyed our content, and want to help the site to continue, please stop by our PayPal donations page (on the sidebar of the site and the feed) and contribute what you can. Your donation will allow us to continue publishing the most daring, unrestrained new writing for years to come. Thanks for your support.

Extra big thanks go out to Monkeytribe for the design feats, Warren Ellis and the Whitechapel crew for inspiration and support, @Sea_Leggs for editing assistance and feedback, the Black Lantern Music crew - especially Tickle, Harlequinade and the other ChemPo faithful, everyone on Twitter for the #FFs and RTs, all Edinburgh hip-hop crew, particularly Profisee and Ema J, The AIM, all Edinburgh poets, especially Jem Rolls, Jenny Lindsay, Kevin Cadwallender and Sophia, and finally The Skinny. I couldn't have made it without y'all. Peace!


Via Val Lindsay over at Whitechapel:

Good morning!



A brief message from our comrade Harlequinade - pay attention, ye Edinburgh-based fans of electronica, hip-hop, metal, drone and scary noises:

"Well, I guess that’s summer over, eh? We all ready for some DARKness?

Rolling our Halloween carnival in to town again, to celebrate the launch of the FREE download net label, Black Lantern Music, NeverZone proudly presents the biggest Halloween extravaganza yet..."

Behind The Light 3
Sat 31st October
8pm - 3m
£3 all night.... @ Henry's Cellar Bar

Morphamish vs. Texture - formerly Double Helix, crypto-future text-step

Asthmatic Astronaut + Tickle - psychedelic phunk agit-hop

Kresch - pan-dimensional hyper-jazz

Monosynth Orchestra - universe saving LARGE electronic sculptures

Secta Rouge - spazz on a dime poly-core

Sileni - grotesque burlesque skronk-hop

Diva Abrasiva - squelch, scrape, drone, bang

Wraiths - winds from the bowels of hell...

Of Spire and Drone - drumerless death march dooooooooom


Via @Sea_Leggs



From Robin LeBlanc's wonderful blog:

"Draw or photograph a portrait of a villain as if they are having it done to give to family or something. They can be holding flowers, standing in front of a chair, have lasers behind them, have another picture of them on the top right corner…ANYTHING. As long as it looks like a bad portrait. It can be of just one villain, or a “family shot” made of several villains…whatever you want. The only rules are that it must look like a 1980s portrait, it must be a villain from comics/movies/television and it must be them in a nice pose.

Now what’s a contest without prizes? The winner will receive:

- A mixed CD

- Some photography prints

- A 2GB flash drive with all sorts of goodies inside

- A picture of the framed winning picture on my office desk

- Something else that I can’t think of right now."

Artists, go enter! Full details here.



One of the Weaponizer mainstays, the fabulous Will Couper, has a book out on Lulu just now. The title is Cutting Chills.

The description on the site:

"A collection of twenty-two superb horror tales ranging from Lovecraftian chillers to gory nastiness to psychological strangeness. Tales told from a variety of unique viewpoints."

Knowing Will's twisted mind, I'm expecting tentacle porn, exploding children and the kind of alienated Victoriana that only the Scots can do.

I have just ordered my copy, will post a review here once it arrives. Will is one of the most talented people to donate a story to Weaponizer so far, so let's all support him by buying not just one, but five copies of his book. Use them as gifts for friends and family! Come on you bastards, it's (nearly) Xmas!

Looking forward to having the bejeezus scared out of me.



"Trailer for the film William S. Burroughs: A Man Within, a feature-length independent documentary by Chicago Director Yony Leyser, in collaboration with BulletProof Film, Inc.

The film features never before seen footage of William S. Burroughs, as well as exclusive interviews with his closest friends and colleagues including John Waters, Genesis P-Orridge, Laurie Anderson, Peter Weller, David Cronenberg, Iggy Pop, Gus Van Sant, Sonic Youth, Anne Waldman, George Condo, Hal Willner, James Grauerholz, Amiri Baraka, Jello Biafra, V. Vale, David Ohle, Wayne Propst, Dr. William Ayers, Diane DiPrima, Donovan, Dean Ripa (the world's largest poisonous snake collector), and many others, with narration by actor Peter Weller, and soundtrack by Sonic Youth.

The film investigates the life of legendary beat author and American icon, William S. Burroughs. Born the heir of the Burroughs adding machine estate, he struggled throughout his life with addiction, control systems and self. He was forced to deal with the tragedy of killing his wife and the repercussions of neglecting his son. His novel, Naked Lunch, was one of the last books to be banned by the U.S. government. Allen Ginsberg and Norman Mailer testified on behalf of the book. The courts eventually overturned their decision in 1966, ruling that the book had important social
value. It remains one of the most recognized literary works of the 20th century."



The new single from Tourettes.


... again. Due to further technical issues and funding thingies... never fear. It will come soon!



The Weaponizer site re-launch is happening soon... in one week, with a bit of luck!

Monkeytribe are building a content management system for us, which will make updating the site a lot easier. We'l be reloading all the great content from the last eighteen months, and adding new stuff as often as possible!

The new site design will be easier to read, and more regularly updated, and with some new contributing editors coming aboard to help out, hopefully a lot more varied.

So this is just a heads-up... for now check out this awesome splash art by Andre Navarro, our resident cover artist for September.

Follow this feed for regular updates on new content... see you again in a week!

- Texture

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