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Video montage (mash-up) inspired by Haraway’s landmark feminist essay, ‘A Cyborg Manifesto‘. Created by YouTube user artlessartist, this includes some really nice footage, particularly that of the different examples of cyborg and robot. [ORIGINAL POST]


Para-psychological thriller Operation Sunrise, by Grimly Whetfox, continues! It's another installment of the pivotal phone call between our two protagonists, as dreams bleed into reality and reality bleeds into dreams! The original image for this chapter is 'Cat on a Horse' by Taro416.

He spoke quickly, so quickly she found her mind tripping over his voice to keep up, although he never stumbled, the words just a torrent, a stream. Her entire concentration was fixed on his speech coming through the phone speaker, right into her ear, right into her head ...READ MORE



Page 5 of IAMUS by Paul McCann is up - apologies for the late entry of this page, entirely due to editorial constraints (I was at a music festival!). Look at the gorgeous colours on this page... Things are really starting to heat up story-wise as well. If this is your first glimpse of IAMUS, please read from the beginning.


Today we begin a new SF Serial by a new Weaponeer: Matthew McLean, writer of the comics and culture blog madbastard, who has also produced comics work for the likes of BOOM! Studios and other comics publishers. Kansas is a post-cyberpunk mystery: Chapter 1 - Awakening starts with a man waking, head bandaged, in an unfamiliar apartment... The original image for this serial is 'Megacity' by Raunov.

Outside, the metropolis beckoned, but it, as many things, would have to wait. The bandaged man had only just begun to regain consciousness for more than a few minutes at a time. The dust leapt in between the rays of light afforded by the slats, and their hypnotic pattern nearly enticed the bandaged man back to sleep, but the buzzing of the alarm clock interrupted his trance ...READ MORE



Another excellent piece of Tokyo Noir horror now, from Den Patrick. A young man spends his last night in Japan... but will he survive long enough to catch his flight home? The original image for this story is 'Kabukicho' by Marcusuke.

It was the night before I came back from Japan. I was due to touch down on Christmas Eve and although I hate Christmas, I was desperate to get home. The company I was working for were some cheap pieces of shit, and I was staying in a tiny room in a rundown hotel. Floral wallpaper, decaying carpet. The whole bit. There were those weird pornos under the mattress. You know, the ones where the girls are all tied up? Blindfolded and whatnot, with those rubber balls in their mouths. Not my thing, but apparently the Japanese guys really get off on it ...READ MORE



BB Smith, author of The Answered Prayers and The Secret of the Red Dust, is back again, with this exemplary little flashfic about the coming Terran Diaspora. The original image is from Nasa.

We sat at the top of the extinct volcano watching the last of the rocket ships leave - the ground, the atmosphere, us. All over the world water levels had risen tremendously. Cities, counties, drowned and slowly forgotten ...READ MORE


The Glass Desert is the stunning Weaponizer debut of Edinburgh writer Andrew Stott. Equal parts Dune, The Man Who Fell To Earth and post-apocalypse fable, it is the story of Setus, a lonesome survivor of an un-named apocalyptic event, who lives with his father in the midst of a vast, unfriendly desert plain. When his father goes missing, Setus must leave behind everything he knows, and travel into the wilds of the great Glass Desert. Hallucinatory, visionary SF - enjoy! The orignal image for this story is 'Desert' by Daniel 1977.

The sun beats down on the top of Setus' head. It is a fierce sun, and it is close to the world. The average temperature is three hundred and forty seven zanders. That is hot. In our terms it is desert heat, and, indeed, all around Setus is desert. He sits at the corner of his father's house. His father is not at home. He is out. Hunting. He is flying across the plains, his zak-zic sontern laser in his hands, looking for Huntera, a type of camel which inhabits this world ...READ MORE



Please welcome another new Weaponeer, Justin Childress, a published writer who lives in Arizona. His first tale is a comedy involving a genie who gets what he has wished for - a master who wants something other than power and wealth. But is he up to the task? The original image for this story is 'Djinn' by Imajilon.

The djinn known as Al-Fehz (as well as 107 other names, mostly forgotten by everybody except him), had been summoned from his tiny lamp more times than he cared to recall. Sometimes great viziers had sought him out, or kings, but mostly he found himself staring at some poor fool who had no idea what was going on ...READ MORE


Please welcome new Weaponeer Paul S. Grimsley, a prolific writer whose work can aso be found on Skull Cull, Writers Prizefighters & Caffeine Inspired All-nighters, and 16 Flaws. For his first outing he brings us a cautionary tale of lo-fi time travel. The original image for this story is 'Musee D'Orsay Clock' by Atelier Tee.

he is watching the back of his own head wondering whether he should indeed pull the trigger. calculations of paradoxical ramifications were always one of his strong points, but how does the disintegration of reality weigh against moral obligations? ...READ MORE



Profisee, with Kid Adrift & Sharkz on the panels, and Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote on the video. I think you'll all agree this is made of WIN.



K. Patrick Glover's enjoying a rather extended purple patch right now, what with the release of his short story collection, and the rather large number of hits on chapters of BALE'S GAME. Here, he provides yet another fine example of the modern crime thriller / whodunnit, as we meet NYC private eye Julian and his wife. They're about to get involved with their first new client in a long time... but will Julian's deductive powers be enough to solve the case? Find out in DEAD AT FIVE! The original image for this story is 'Park Avenue' by Stephen Archer.

I handed the pencil to Julian and he slid it through the trigger guard and lifted the revolver in the air, bringing it close to his face to smell the cylinder. Then he used the handkerchief to push the release and open it up. “Four shells, two empty cartridges. Is this your gun, Donald?”

Hovarth frowned. “I don’t know.” ...READ MORE


2019 has been on hold for a while: we've been doing some thinking about how it should work, and have put some deus ex machina in place for when the world opens up to other writers. For those of you who have just joined us, 2019 is a template for distributed fiction; a groupthink; a proto-ARG; a Nanotech fable for you to play in. I've had some hep with the last few parts. Today's guest writer is ICAM (author of The Vampire Clowns of Old Poland and Too Many Cooks). The original image for the story is 'Urban Monster' by Caruba.



When its 10 parts have all been published, the world of 2019 is open to other writers to set stories in. You can use (or not use) any of the characters mentioned in these datablasts, and you can add to any of the ideas contained herein. Please email all submissions* to

*Please withold your entry until all 10 parts are published.



BB Smith, author of The Secret of the Red Dust, returns to Weaponizer, this time with a longer tale, set in a refugee camp in the near future. Trapped inside the camp by high-tech weaponry and armed guards, Molanda and her husband fear they will never lead their people and their families to freedom. But everything is about to change... This is a really crazy story, I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm pretty sure it qualifies as Social Realist SF, as defined by Will Ellwood, too. Brilliant stuff. The original image for this story is 'Tent City' by Kaje Yomama.

Molanda put her hands on her son’s shoulders. She could see that her husband, Charles, was deeply suspicious of the whereabouts of their captors. His fists clenched tighter than usual as he waited for something awful to happen. The quiet landscape that surrounded the camp seemed to only taunt his suspicions further. The camp itself was nine miles in circumference, six for the shacks and kitchens and shower rooms. There was one mile for The P.M.P. (Perimeter Motion Preventer) dome, made up of millions of tiny red cubes, circles and triangles, fused with lethal lasers that would incinerate anything that breached the perimeter.


Our newest Weaponeer is Janine McEwan, a Glasweigian writer who, according to her bio, was born hearing but unable to speak, giving her a different viewpoint on words and word usage. Her first contribution is a Flash about an unpleasant policeman, and is written with a keen feel for the local dialect.

I’m a bobby, a bobby on the beat. I’m walking, I’m looking for them, I’m looking for law breakers. Gang bangers, Car bangers, heid bangers. I’m a banger. A heid banger, see I take they’re heids and smash them off the wall. The criminals. The bad boys, the Baw-Bags ...READ MORE


THIS WEEK'S BEATS: 16/07/2010

Okay folks, I've got some really fantastic free music here for you this week. I am reviewing the marvelous golden-era trip-hop sounds of Dustmotes, who is currently working on some beats for Black Lantern Music, we've got Mild Maynyrd, a Weaponizer affiliate with a penchant for scuzzy electro beats, plus folk from Young Legs and Comrade Robot, and math-rock / folktronica weirdness from local lad szdl. Get in aboot it like a dug eatin' beetroot. If you want to see your music reviewed on this blog, please Email me.

Dustmotes - The Containment Sessions [Public Spaces Lab]

The Containment Sessions is Dustmotes' second release on Public Spaces Lab, after last year's Beats For The Subverted. Wearing his influences on his sleeve (Portishead, UNKLE, DJ Shadow, Aim), Dustmotes nonetheless excels at creating original arrangements and melodies, and the excellence of his recording techniques give TCS an almost timeless feel. Opener A Farewell to Trends cleverly plays with a Carpenters riff, while the sublime pianos of Transcending Static are immediately uplifting. The sunshine vibes continue on The Aesthetic Principle, while the mood becomes more melancholy on Misgiving and Love and Compassion. Every track is laden with dusty breaks and samples, complex jazz drums and exquisite hooks - quite simply, TCS is a joy to listen to, a traditional but innovative slice of trip-hop that references the genre's golden age without ever feeling derivative. Highly recommended - go get it.

The Kemistry - The Jumble EP [BareBeats]

The Kemistry come on like an edgier, more street-savvy iteration of early Morcheeba - Kemi's vocals are lusicously harmonised, with a slight minor-chord inflection which lends an aura of menace and strength to the incisive, thoughtful lyrics on tracks like Mascot, which features a raw-as-fuck verse from emcee Smokey. Highlights of this EP include the simply fantastic The Core, featuring a verse from sometime Modulok, and an utterly addictive cover of Muse's Plugin Baby. It would be wrong to characterise The Kemistry as a trip-hop band - their beats are uptempo and tight, and they eschew ambient atmopsherics for good old-fashioned songwriting. Kemi's voice ties the whole thing together, giving the band a strong identity and unique sound. Download this now, before they get famous as fuck.

*EDITOR'S NOTE: When I first posted this, I implied that The Kemistry were associated with the d&b duo Kemistry & Storm. This was incorrect - I should check my facts better! Apologies for misleading you.

szdl - Break Before Make

Don't know much about Edinburgh-based folktronica artist szdl, but his debut EP Break Before Make is a superb selection of fuzzed-out guitar melodies, glitches, pops and clicks, and delirious feedback and static. It's as though the bones of Mogwai, Slint and Fugazi have been rearranged by Thurston Moore and Aphex Twin, then remixed by James Murphy with the lights off. weld builds to a pleasing but brief punk-funk freakout, programme is all bent strings and subtle kick drums, while standout track hnse is an understated, four-to-the-floor mashup of micro-house and folk guitar, sliding effortlessly into a broken hip-hop beat and distorted math-rock. One of the most interesting lo-fi producers in recent years - download Break Before Make free from Bandcamp.

Mild Maynyrd - Broadcast AM

Mild Maynyrd is the alter ego of Weaponizer writer Dan Black. He makes scuzzy electronic hip-hop with a tough, grimy edge. Broadcast AM sees MM exploring similar sonic territory to Scotland's Kobra Audio Labs - this is hip-hop constructed from bass throbs, chopped found sounds and heavily treated kicks and snares. Strange bits of speech and static snatched from radio weave in and out of the majestic Quota Tank, glockenspiels and de-tuned pianos bend and stretch with awkward grace in Yance-men, while Lantano and title track Broadcast AM explore the more distorted end of ambient. MM are an acquired taste perhaps - but there is sufficient melody and inventive juxtaposition to tempt fans from both the lo-fi electronica and hip-hop camps. Download it now for free from Bandcamp.

Young Legs - The Fog and The Forest

Six tracks of blissed-out ambient folk from Young Legs, who sound a bit like early Simon & Garfunkel covering Bright Eyes. Which is no bad thing! The exquisite harmonies of soft opener By The Pond sets the tone, as crickets chirp in the background and strings are gently caressed. There is a definite country-folk feel to Lost at Dusk, while Bed of Silt is a ghostly, beatless ambient instrumental. This is a very satisfying EP which rewards close listening, or just as easily drifts by pleasantly in the background. Sublimely understated songwriting and musicianship: Download for free from Bandcamp.

Kid Caustic - This Town [rec72]

Kid Caustic's second full-length LP plays with a really diverse pallette of influences. Opener 3000 Fathoms has a nineties techno feel, before plunging headfirst into hip-hop with the backwads-looped violins of Absolute Go. Foxtrot has an early Ninja Tunes feel, sounding like Hexstatic, via Luke Vibert's keyboard. Stay Frosty features looped Japanese speech samples and a solid, linear beat, while closing track Trip combines gentle synths with a clipped electronic beat. Where it succeeds, This Town is a genuinely engaging album - occasionally it veers into uninspired territory (the underwhelming Cycling uses a fairly obvious melody from the Ableton starter pack), but for the majority of the album there is a lot to like. Download for free from rec72.

Comrade Robot - Songs for the End of the World

Comrade Robot describe themselves as "The only post-apocalyptic, quasi-acoustic indie folk duo you'll ever need." I'm not sure if I agree with this - I'd include the above-mentioned Young Legs, and perhaps a few other artists, in that category. That said, CR are undoubtedly the most overtly post-apocalyptic folk duo I've heard, and Songs... is a concept album about that very theme. In the six years they've been together, CR have developed a deft way with an ambiguous lyric - Bleached Bone Fields will make you think and put a smile on your face, Measure of a Man is a darkly humorous dirge about human ambition, while Trampoline Song counts down to the apocalypse with harmonious cheer. This will appeal to fans of lo-fi folk and classic English pop, with flashes of lyrical verve recalling the Kinks, Pulp and Nick Drake brightening up what could otherwise have been a very depressing subject for a concept album. Download free from Comrade Robot's site, by entering your email address.


Grimly Whetfox's Para-psychological thriller Operation Sunrise continues! Our hero starts to feel the effects of the binding spell... but as dreams bleed into reality and vice versa, can he tell the difference between fact and fiction? Shit gets (even) weird(er)! The original image for this story is 'Swimming Pool Pattern #1' by Lee Coursey.

It was easy to be addicted. Easier, certainly, than not being addicted. Never a truer word was spoken. The choice comes early: what do you wish to be addicted to? You can choose anything. Anything at all. And this was one of the best things ...READ MORE



Fan-favourite Weaponeer K. Patrick Glover (Bale's Game, Shuffle) and author of webcomic The Invisible Skein, has released a collection of short stories, entitled Parenthetically Speaking. You can order it now from Lulu. I'll be grabbing a copy as soon as this month's pay comes through! Congratulations K-Pat!


The Vibration Terrorists are an electronic improv band based in Edinburgh - a laptop / synth / drum machine soundclash featuring the talents of Asthmatic Astronaut & Krowne, both of whom have released on Black Lantern Music, or who have forthcoming rleases on the label, plus Scuffy Q and Lucky G. Live, they're a velveteen behemoth of ambient electro soundscapes. On record, they're tightly focused sonic pioneers, exploring the outer realms of dubbed-out electronica. Their latest EP, Damage, is available for free download from their Soundcloud page, along with a plethora of their earlier work. Equal parts Weather Report, Gong and Kraftwerk, the Damage EP is a record of soft menace and feral beauty. Get into it!




Hooray! It's another grisly, gruesome and disturbing horror flashfic from Neal Turner! Neal, author of Foreign Future, is one sick puppy. Here, he plays with some nice Lovecraftian imagery and Burroughs-esque viral tropes. Sensitive readers may want to keep a bucket handy for this one. The original image for this story is 'Blood Spatter' by Heo2035.

She lay on a cold grave, covered in the morning dew, waiting for him to bring an end to her suffering. Her wrists and ankles were red raw from the ropes that had kept her hostage through the night. Deep amber light poured onto her, as she waited for her end, from small lanterns placed around her. She could feel his eyes watching her as she lay waiting, too tired to fight against the ropes that bound her ...READ MORE


Meet Den Patrick, our newest Weaponeer. A blogger, writer and comics editor based in London, Den does a nice line in stylish, quick-witted, supernatural Tokyo-noir. His first submission is the story of a hapless Gaijin pool-shark, who gets himself into business he doesn't understand when attempting to make good on a debt. Yakuza, biker gangs and a memorable femme fatale make this a cracking first submission from Den. More please! The original image for this story is 'Use Somebody' by Miss Black Butterfly.

The first time I met him, he was sat at the back of a dingy pool hall, smoking weed from a pipe and getting head from a one-eyed prostitute. Hey, you asked me to tell you about the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It gets plenty weirder, so listen up or go get me a beer and fuck off ...READ MORE



Dan Black, superlative author of Death by Watcher and La Cabeza Del Oso, returns with a piece of SF flashfic that combines formal experimentation with vivid imagination. Dan's writing is always mysterious, and always has a touch of the surreal - his narratives can induce a feeling of vertigo in the reader. This little apocalyptic short is no exception. Welcome back Dan! If you're looking for some listening to accompany this story, you should check out Dan's page on Bandcamp, where he goes by the name of Mild Maynyrd, producing a grimy selection of electro / hip-hop tracks. The original image for this story is 'Fire' by Eqqman.

The globalized cultural apocalypse has begun. Pathogens long thought dealt with split open red pine boxes and reach through the dirt, undead viruses . . . literal and figurative. When we bury one wriggling, scaly plague – usually still breathing with raspy stench – another three emerge, reborn and strong as ever. Or so it seems. Have human beings maxed their capacity in relevance and number? ...READ ON


It's been a thrilling ride with our hero Jason December - confronting witches, mages, demons, office politics and paperwork. The end is finally nigh - as Jason confronts the shadowy power behind his enemy Lex Nihilo, will he survive long enough to file a report in triplicate? FIND OUT NOW as fan favourite C. Brian Hickey brings you Chapter 5 - Management Secrets of the Elder Blasphemies! The original image for this story is 'Darklord' by PixelPlacebo.

It shook itself, like a shaggy dog would after a bath, throwing off its killing aspect, spraying the space with wriggling flecks of shadow. In the hyena-beast's place stood Lord Asariel's manshape. Tall, aquiline, with prominent eyebrows and a wicked cannibal grin. It wore a black silk suit that seemed to absorb the wan light of the warehouse. It took my hand and pumped it twice, and I could feel maggots crawling just under the skin of its palms ...READ MORE


Stanley Odd emerge victorious from a smash hit gig at T in the Park brandishing copies of their fantastic debut album, Oddio, and an awesome new video for their current single, Think of a Number!



Exciting new math-rock band Comma are playing some gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow over the next month or two. Catch them at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow tonight, on 23rd August at Sneaky Pete's, and at Medina on 25th August. More details on their MySpace!

Comma's debut EP 'Comma' was released recently on our netlabel Black Lantern Music. A blend of post-rock influences, from Can to Don Caballero to Tortoise, combine to produce an EP of shimmering, muscular, melodic music. Alan Souter of 'Is This Music' called it: "...intricate and proficient," Aye Tunes called it: "...a really strong debut." The release has been one of Black Lantern's most successful so far, with over 1000 downloads in 2 weeks.

Don't miss this chance to catch one of Scotland's most exciting new bands!



Dubstep mix featuring tracks by Morphamish!



Iamus continues... we see some more beautiful pencil and colour-work from writer / artist Paul McCann, as Carrie begins to explore the city and see the sights of the Iamus Festival... Click through for full-size version! Coming soon - Paul will tell us more about the world of Iamus, and share his vision of where the series will take us as readers. I hope you're as excited as we are!



Going to the annual neds, bucky and pop music convention? Do yourself a favour - fuck fucking Eminem, go see Stanley Odd, Scotland's finest live hip-hop band.


Please welcome our newest Weaponeer, Michael Botur, who comes to us all the way from New Zealand. His first offering is a very clever short story about a beleagured office worker, whose daily struggles may contain more significance than it might first appear... The original image for this story is 'Suit Crucified' by gw1.

He knows that he is going to be late to work as soon as he descends the steps. He shouldn’t have made omelettes and fed them to his wife in forkfuls. And he wanted to get the knot right on his tie. He wanted his shoes so black that Jay could see his reflection in His shoes. He has hung himself, but he tries not to despair. He has a plan to save himself. He sprints so hard that he stress-fractures his feet. His shoes split, too. He shouldn’t have bothered to polish them. He predicts what Jay will say to him ...READ MORE


Today we have the welcome return of John P. Royal, author of Hungry, who brings us a tale of supermarket high-jinks and mindgames. The original image for this story is 'Chicken Town' by JC ici.

The lady in front of me has this in her cart, no lie: two carrots, one chewable dog toy (not a bone, a red rubber ball) and one large jar of vaseline. I would laugh, but this game has been going on for a bit too long. The Game is nearly worn out. Back when it was original, back when we were just trying to impress each other, sure, I mean, it was funny then. This would have gotten you tons of points. Look at this girl's form; she's forced a red as bright as her shirt into her cheeks, but she's keeping the required straight face. She isn't stumbling as much as the newbies do; this girl, this isn't her first time playing the Game ...READ MORE



This dark, elliptical little flashfic is the first full-length submission from horror writer Neal Turner, who also contributed to the Weaponizer Twitfic Jam published in Make Something Magazine #2. We're looking forward to receiving lots more submissions from Mr Turner. The striking image for this story is 'Untitled' by Sepulture Is Dead, whose work we've used before on the site. A very talented photographer, check his stuff out.

As his peripheral vision started to fade, Dom lit the fuse, hoping the darkness would claim him before the explosives revealed the new world. Darkness took him, but it wasn’t for keeps ...READ MORE



Introducing new Weaponeer Robert Whitfield: designer, blogger, and fan of Adrian Mole. His first piece of Flashfic for us is a story of doomed romance and economic crisis. It's everything a Flashfic should be - allusive, concise, with not an ounce of spare weight. The image for this story is 'Kiss Kiss' by HckySo.

A small Volkswagen Beetle weaves in and out of the motorway traffic, cutting up cars and articulated lorries as it finds the narrowest of gaps to pass between; never once dropping a mile on its speedometer. A young couple are sat inside it; both of them will be dead in a little under twenty minutes ...READ MORE


K. Patrick Glover's thriller serial BALE'S GAME continues! Still on the trail of rogue former CIA agent Martin Caldwell, Bale arrives in Los Angeles - but how many pieces are still on the board, and which are still in play? The game gets darker... READ ON in Chapter 4 - Knight to Queen's Bishop Three!

The flight landed and after the usual wait, they started letting us off. It was a very orderly disembarkment, very controlled. That was the first hint that something was wrong ...READ ON



This month, I interviewed the utterly fantastic, hilarious and charming Doseone, Anticon co-founder and member of Themselves, Subtle, and cLOUDDEAD, for The Skinny. There was a lot of unused material from this interview, so keep your eyes on Weaponizer over the next week or two for some more talk about hip-hop, Anticon, and making music with Alan Moore! Click through for the full interview.

“There is something about the way we’ve been playing live that feels new again. It feels like the first time. I mean, I grew up watching rap bands like The Roots, but Jeff and I – we’re like that two-man boombox. While we may have always struggled with or not cared about our ties to the origins of rap, and our validity in its greater scheme because of wherever we come from, or where we wanted to go... now it’s like this really crazy, pure rap-in-a-can when we play live. It’s awesome, and I feel good about it, but I’ve always felt more than one way about getting into this thing which I deeply love and am meant to do – about being a rapper. Sometimes it was confusing, sometimes welcoming, sometimes frustrating. Now it feels really good. I don’t care if I’m standing next to fucking Redman or Holger Czukay [of Can], I feel proud about what I do in the greater scheme of music, the music that I came from and the music that I’ve always been heading towards.”


Grimly Whetfox's para-pyschological thriller Operation Sunrise continues! In Chapter Ten, our female protagonist takes a night walk, with a specific magickal purpose in mind...

Slightly smiling, boosting her own confidence, she increased her stride and moved at a pace towards his house, towards her task. It wasn't going to take long, she had the finer details of the image chiselled into her mind, their independent and related meanings an elegant rendering of concepts she had so recently grasped, in the scheme of things. It hadn't taken her long to get the hang of it, though. Good to be good at something. It always gave her pleasure to be good at something. But this was different, stronger. It had power ...READ MORE



are massively, hugely, epically proud to present our very first ongoing webcomic! Long-term readers of this blog will know that comics are an artform very close to my heart, so to be finally able to present to you a genuine, creator-owned webcomic, is a huge honour and a privelege.

The comic is Iamus, by Glasgow-based artist and writer Paul McCann, whose Iamus Creative blog is worth keeping an eye on for self-contained comics, sketches and designs. We're going to have some words from Paul later on in the week, telling you a bit more about the story behind Iamus. For now, just jump straight to the first three pages of this ongoing tale, and enjoy!



Have a look at this simply gorgeous portrait by Robin LeBlanc, a Canadian photographer, film-maker, designer and writer who has contributed both short stories and photography to Weaponizer in the past. She often sells her marvelous prints from her blog, so keep a close eye on that to nab yourself a tasty art treat. Check out her Flickr and marvel at its splendour.


The fourth release from Urge Mode on Black Lantern Music is a downtempo piece of lush, understated electronica with a dubstep lean, from producer Shatterfreak, who has had support for his previous releases from the likes of Itchy Robot on Sub FM. This is head music - ghostly, flickering synths and sparse electronic kicks create a blissfully melancholic atmosphere. Recommended for fans of Samiyam, Burial, Ramadanman, and our very own Metatron.

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