One-man reactivated sleeper cell Hatcher heads east into Russia, following orders from the mysterious Dragon-San. But what will he find when he crosses the border? Matthew McLean's post-cyberpunk espionage thriller continues! The original image for Kansas is 'Megacity' by Raunov.

The mag-lev train sped past the glacial landscape. Hatcher Aspen, dispossessed, watched quietly out the carriage window at the pristine scenery speeding past. The near-solid white, only occasionally punctuated by glimmers of grey from the sky or patches of civilization, made it difficult to determine the actual speed of the Russo-Fuchida mag-lev train ...READ MORE



Like the song says, we're back! It turns out you can't perform and promote a Fringe festival show and edit two websites at once (or at least I fucking can't, ha ha).

Today will be the last day of radio silence as I catch up on correspondence and check the inbox for new submissions - from tomorrow we'll be back with more Kansas, more Operation Sunrise, the long-awaited return of Stilletto Eye and RazorGut, and as always, more quality Flash and Short Fiction.

Apologies for Bale fans - scribe K. Patrick Glover had an issue with malignant data storage, and has been reconstructing the next few chapters. He assures me Bale will return soon, and in the meantime he's written us an SF epic. Can't wait!

Other exciting things in store for you - the Weaponizer Quarterly POD magazine is coming along nicely, as is the Weaponizer POD Book. Dates, previews and news on these to follow later this week!

Also coming this week - I interview Alan Moore about Dodgem Logic, Neonomicon and the Cthulhu mythos, Ideaspace and Unearthings. Seriously? Oh fuck yes.

Yeah, we're back. You ready for more?




Today's short story is a dark-as-fuck little morality play about revenge, from BB Smith, author of The Secret of The Red Dust and The Answered Prayers. The story of Derek, a shy, comic-book obsessed mother's boy who decides to stand up to the local bullies. The original image is 'Vengeance Is Mine' by TruShu.

Derek's mum shouted him down from his room. Her summoning of her son was for his daily trip to the local shop. A short journey Derek had come to fear. Four teenagers hung out at the shops. Each morning they picked on him. Some mornings they spat in his face. Recently they had taken to flicking their cigarettes at him; once, the sole girl of the group had kicked Derek. Much to the amusement and encouragement of the sneering boys ...READ MORE


You know who's awesome? Justin Childress is awesome, that's who. Following up his magnificent mid-length piece Child Care, he brings us the scariest flashfic about beautiful flowers you could possibly try to stop yourself imagining. Seriously, I'll never look at a hibiscus the same way again. The original image for this story is 'Exotic Flower' by Reschundzartzugleich.

A month ago, probably ninety-nine percent of the planet couldn’t have told you what a cordycep was if you put a gun to their head. Now, ninety-nine point nine percent of the planet can’t tell you because they’re dead. I’m probably the last non-botanical life form in North America. And if I’m not, then whoever’s left doesn’t have a lot of time ...READ MORE



Matthew McLean's post-cyberpunk mystery KANSAS deepens, as we meet the scarred gangster Dragon-san. What does he have in store for our bandaged (possible) hero?

Sitting in a lounge chair in one of the Langendreer sector's opulent night clubs, the lifetime of injuries and hardships on his face made him stand out as if one of the multi-color spotlights from the stage were pointed right at him. He scratched at his right eye, still uncomfortable with the new cybernetic model that had been implanted. Even the best surgeon had been unable to remove the scar that the outdated model had left around the orbital bump ...READ MORE


The first flashfic (or maybe it qualifies as a microfic?) by Scottish writer Ross McCleary is a zombie-filled science fiction thriller in seven sentences. The original image for this story is 'Shotgun Card Mk II' by Mr Smashy.

The final shotgun shell hit the floor ...READ MORE



Our latest release is by Edinburgh-based hip-hop / techno / electronica producer KROWNE, a founder member of experimental electronic collective Vibration Terrorists.

The sound of ORDERS FROM MARS will blow you away - depth, weight and power swirl in the bass range, while the melodies and beats cycle through a range of influences, from electro and hip-hop to breakbeat and jungle.

The EP has a widescreen feel, courtesy of a post-production re-rub by Asthmatic Astronaut, a long-term friend of the producer, who brought this EP to our attention.

“I've sat with this man and enjoyed Funk, Electronica and Techno, which I had previously ignored, over a fine cup of coffee," explains DJ AA. "A 12-year DJ and space and time influenced producer and improviser, Krowne is here to give you Orders From Mars. An EP that explores a concept of waking interests, and delivers fine textures in Electronica with a heavy groove!”

From the plucked shamisen and stumbling rhythms of Flipping Over to the frantic, glitched-up IDM of Planet Take Over, this is an EP of twists, turns and unexpected thrills.



This one's been bubbling away in the old brainpan for far longer than it should have, considering it doesn't have anything except dialogue in it. Also, it was supposed to be a flashfic, but it ran away with itself. I set myself a challenge here - to describe a particular concept of great interest to me, using only dialogue, without naming the concept explicitly. What transpired was a weird, twisted scriptlet, a sliver of an imagined conversation. I guess you could call it speculative fiction. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

- It’s like a dormant infection. Like a cancer cell, in some ways – it shuts down that part of the OS, and starts controlling it, changing it. Making it into something different.

- So how would you know if you had one?

- That’s the thing – you wouldn’t, not at first. But after a while, it starts to use more resources, and maybe you’d notice then. Also, you become prone to other infections, other viruses. So maybe you’d notice them, and put two and two together...



GREATEST TWITS #2000 - #3000

Here's what I said after the last 1000:

Interestingly, my Twitter habit is spiralling... it took me just 4 months to do the last 1000, as opposed to two years for the first 1000. It is clearly the crack of social networking.

That was in April... it is now August, so the next 1000 took 4 months as well. Looks like I've plateaued.
So much interesting shit in the last few months though! I've interviewed Alan Moore, El-P and Doseone. On and off Whitechapel, we've had some cracking debates about Atheism, Noir fiction, and the publishing industry. We elected the Tories (yep, still blaming myself, at least partially, for that), dissed Gaga and Winehouse, and praised the godhoods that are Brooker and Warren Ellis... Plus we've published a whole mess of fiction and nonfiction on Weaponizer.

It's enough to make you...
*yawn* 3000 tweets? I'm sleepy now... anyway, here's a recap of all the bollocks you've maybe missed, inbetween my posts for new stories and music and so on.

@Den_Patrick Damn, rumbled.. I am in fact building a genre-fiction Avengers hero team. We're gonna have masks and tights, the whole shebeen

@Tacopunch *runs screaming from the room*

@Tacopunch Fuck yeah, I am toasting that shit right now #byebyeprop8

@allthingsaaron No, of course not. *winks* By which I mean yes. *winks again* In other words, no. Or perhaps. Maybe.

Just got off the phone to Alan Moore. Talked for an hour, felt like ten minutes. Thanks for all your questions folks!

@Fauxhammer How fucking scary was that story, huh? I had to read it with the lights on.

http://isparade.jp/ I've never had a parade in my honour before...

@allthingsaaron I think if he was gonna choose a high priestess, he'd probably aim higher than a rubber-clad hermaphrodite sex dwarf... [re. @warrenellis]

.... wow, Twitter, you never cease to amaze and disturb.

@WillCouper Yeah. Trying to spam up people with 100k plus followers... it's just astounding some of the strangeness on microblogs.

For those who missed it, my interview with @therealelp is here: http://tinyurl.com/332hegj #hiphop #companyflow #interview #music #read #rap

'spychological' - I'm totally keeping that typo for later use

"Always consult your physician before using a viral vector to modify the DNA in any of your cells." LOL! http://tinyurl.com/36lmlt4

"Id like to see epidemiologists using simulators not just to respond to existing pathogens." #WhyILoveWhitechapel http://tinyurl.com/36lmlt4

@chris_graves NOT TRUE! You are the creator of the Space Shark and therefore awesome. Try tailored, one-person #FFs. I do them when I can...

AND! SRSLY! The next interview I'm doing for The Skinny is with Alan Moore... *amaze*

Festival's coming. ChemPo show up in 3 weeks. Already sick of Edinburgh, and the tourists aint even here in force yet. *sigh & moan*

No shit, #Sherlock is awesome. Team Moffat / Gatiss FTW

"Isnt it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?" - Douglas Adams

Just read a fascinating interview with @caseorganic http://tinyurl.com/yg3kktx some great advice in there for aspiring digital creatives

@maryannehobbs You will be missed! Congrats on the new adventures, hope its awesome, and thanx for playing my track that one time! You rule.

@PeteyMonster That is fucking hilarious. "Not just around the moon and sun any more... We have to ask ourselves what the hell is going on!"

@oldhat Today basically sucks, I'd avoid it, sugah!

Wow... MTV have made a good job of adapting @goonguy's amazing comic THE GOON! http://tinyurl.com/2enxkmh

@catvincent I found it uncomfortable to watch three wealthy middle-class New Yorkers acting to a laugh track while making anti-black jokes.. [re. Seinfeld]

Interviewed @therealelp for @theskinnymag. He says his bitching remix of heinous preteen sextoad @justinbieber was Satan working through him

Watched #INCEPTION last night, fantastic film. My blog post on the #Memetic #Thriller genre: http://texture-writes.livejournal.com/8320.html

@remotevoices It's Tuesday now... I feel almost calm

Please go and vote for my tracks so I can win all teh monehs and fame: http://tinyurl.com/3ye23qh #texture #weaponizer #blacklanternmusic

There had better be some #ultraviolence in my inbox for www.weaponizer.co.uk

The fifth circle [re. Glasgow cheesy nightclubs]

Wahey! @kpatrickglover has released a collection of short stories! #BUYTHISBOOK http://tinyurl.com/32qxfpr #fiction #POD #ShortStory #weblit

Damn you 'From the Net' thread! Saw this: http://iwl.me/ Tried it, apparently I write like Dan Brown! I am mortally offended #whitechapel

Tried some more bits on http://iwl.me/ Got Dickens and Stephen King. #FuckThisShit

Current thinking: #WPNZR book to go straight to POD after August... Going to start a quarterly MagCloud #WPNZR digest too. Tired of waiting!

@fragmad That's arguably very true indeed. Proof: Nick Hornby, a total fucking personality bypass of a man, and his books are utter shit too

@fragmad Of course - there are plenty of people who want to read about self-indulgent middle-class bores... ie themselves...

@WillCouper Staying sober can be tricky though!

@WillCouper Also, the word 'network' makes me sick in my mouth.

#SuddenInsight: Amy Winehouse is the Cilla Black of her generation

@oldhat The colouring of your recent shots is simply drenched in gorgeousness and gorgeousity...

Happy birthday @spoonbard the spectacular artist of the worlds best serial webcomic www.freakangels.com [by @warrenellis / pub @AvatarPress]

@andrenavarro Mate.... that was AWESOME! Hempbeard = my hero."We be high for the past three weeks, we couldn't fight half a moth!" Hahahaha!

@chris_graves Tend to agree man, I publish stuff by other people, but I don't take a cut, and it ain't pay to play. That thing looks suspect
[re. Whitechapel threadjack by vanity publisher]


Clicked 'Home' for 1st time in ages. Pro-lifers, Jonas Bros fans, spambots... WTF? #UNFOLLOW!

Maybe I can get people to unfollow or block me... #ThingsIHate @justinbieber @katyperry, Jonas Bros, pro-lifers, #fundamentalist #Christians

#ThingsIHate #Glee #football #HarryPotter #RussellBrand #NRA #God #Jesus #Church #Religion #BigBrother #Celebrities #SEO #Marketing #happy

@weerawk There are Lynchian rules? No-one told me!! It's mainly a stream-of-consciousness pre-apocalyptic magickal mystery... [re. Operation Sunrise]

Annual March of the Hideous Scumbags in Glasgow, also known as the Orange March

Sectarianism is for fucking douchebags

Also douchebags: old people. Die already.

@Winneganfake We'll save you THEN use your for food... once we've fattened you up bwah ha ha


For anyone that missed it, Weaponizer #Webcomics launched! IAMUS by PAUL MCCANN http://tinyurl.com/24ma9ys #Magick #Fantasy #Drugs #Gods

I think this proves conclusively that @StephenFry is the most insightful person in Britain http://vimeo.com/11414505

The next storry by @allthingsaaron makes me ROFL: "Is that tweed? Did you break into my apartment wearing tweed?" #fiction #bomb #imminent [re. Overdue]

It's #Weaponizer #Update time, beetches!!

Its #fictionfriday! Here are my fictions, mostly in the SF vein http://www.weaponizer.co.uk/oneauthor.php?id=1

As its #fictionfriday, please also check out the other 48 writers on my site: www.weaponizer.co.uk Talented bunch of bastards, one and all

Oh, you're all on about football, right... I'll come back later. Enjoy!

The funniest dude on the #ScottishHipHop Forum interviewed Loki: go read I WAS JUST WONDERING, BITCH: great blog http://tinyurl.com/34x7orb

@andrenavarro Captain Hempbeard and his Barrel of Happy tee-shirts. Yes. Now please!

"All the fun of a psychotic hallucination w/o feeling compelled to go & stab someone afterwards" @charltonbrooker http://tinyurl.com/3xayzrp

"Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done, and why. Then do it." - R.A. Heinlein

#bustoglasgow stinks of piss, toilets locked, full of hairdressers, #wheresmyshotgun

Do us a favour - everyone go and follow @blacklanterns, make us look popular! >___^ chrzthxbai #FF

Watching A Room For Romeo Brass again. Excellent film. Shane Meadows = awesome

Comma EP downloaded 942 times! That makes me super, super happy, because I fucking LOVE that EP.

Themselves / Crowns Down #holyfuck #thatsgoodstuff #hiphop

Listening: Replicas / Tubeway Army http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnVDn2Y0aHE fucking TUNE

I am interviewing @doseone (Anticon / Subtle / Themselves / cLOUDDEAD) tonight. Super excited. YES!

@protagonize Yr welcome, site now added to my list of Things To Do Which I Don't Have Time For But Wish I Did So Will Make Time For! Yuss.

Project: ShortStoryNovelSuture underway. Also found 1 page of an #SF story I'd fogotten about, called Bullet Holes. #Writing again = awesome

My profile on Protagonize http://www.protagonize.com/author/Texture Gonna start a story this month! [I didn't...]

@weerawk Kid Ritalin's Pretty Scars http://www.flickr.com/photos/weaponizer/4685764468/

@WillCouper Cheers Will! 'Bands' just about blew my mind with it's awesomeness by the way. Moar space opera pleez! [re. Bands]

@andrenavarro Oh how I wish I could tell FB to fuck off and die. But I like using it to spam people to death so much. They love it really.

@andrenavarro F&*%$$ING FARMVILLE!!!

"He held no loyalty to any country or any man. He just liked to kill people and blow shit up." http://tinyurl.com/34ovmd3 !! @kpatrickglover [re. Bale's Game]

"Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken." - Duke Leto Atreides

@fragmad Linkin Park are basically a Limp Bizkit tribute band... which should fill any right-thinking person with horror

@fragmad I read that as 'raping' and was briefly very afraid [re. Linkin Park's 'rapping']

@fragmad Although in their case, 'raping' is pretty much wnat they do to hiphop.

@Fauxhammer HOLY FUCK NEUROMANCER pleasedeontruinit pleasedontruinit [re. Neuromancer movie]

@fragmad They are very SHIIIIIINY though

"TheStoneThatNeverCameDown is strange: radical Xtian fundamentalists taking control of government, preventing evolution from being taught.."

@TeamMummy "I'd just go ahead and punch a cop." Awesome. 'Vandalism - as beautiful as a rock in a cop's face'

"Feast on my fucking golden delicious vicious verbal torrent." - Eaters, 'Them Fucking Apples'

Burgers, sunshine, beauty, Glasgow #happinessisthebestrevenge

'Yes! I am a long way from home' by Mogwai reminds me of summer circa 1996.

The Freakangels word of the day... see if you can spot it, starts with a W. http://bit.ly/a0RTWt #webcomics #readthisnow by @warrenellis [re. 'whippetminge']

The Walking Dead TV show is looking pretty goddamn sweet. http://bit.ly/d0jyup

@oldhat (sorry please dont eat my salty pork flesh in vengeful fury...)

@oldhat Goddamn sand cannibals! I'm picturing them as looking like this http://tinyurl.com/mvp87v

Had wicked time DJing #cchiphop & #scottishhiphop @StanleyOdd gig last nite w @Asthmatic_Ast, but now I have a massive sty in my eye. GAH!

Whisky helps ease the flow of information from the old brainpipes. Strictly PROFESSIONAL whisky you understand...

"You dont have to say its a go / In my lane I wont follow / All I do is drop and roll / VOLCANO!" http://bit.ly/bKzbo

Grumble grumble... effing #FollowLimits...

I BUILD NETWORKS and I'm getting better at it all the time.

Superman did porno with Big Barda? Srsly? http://www.wired.com/table_of_malcontents/2007/01/action_comics_t/

@LynseyMay Yeahbuh.... superporn? Srsly?

Echo... echo.... echo...

@oldhat I totally concur. People need to stop rapping about their dicks. Check yr email in about 10mins for something a bit more like it!

What a bloody disgrace this #election has been. The Tories get a mjaority... what a fucking sad sorry state of affairs


How I feel about the inevitable Tory victory.. disenfranchised, disenchanted, apathetic http://bit.ly/fK0ZS #election

[via @fragmad] Excellent article on #Cameron. DO NOT VOTE TORY http://tinyurl.com/2vkhwaw They wil fuck the poor, the homeless, the helpless

Listening to Soundbombing Volume 1. Stone cold classic #hiphop: Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kool Keith, Sir Menelik... them were the days.

@oldhat Right now, that makes a whole lot of sense to me. Being a grownup is a difficult mission.

Please note from now on, by popular demand, I'm going to post 1 #fiction / #article / whatever per day. Just 1. But it WILL be (week)daily! [so much for this.... still doing 2 or more!]

@weerawk Dub'nGrub is a wonderful institution, but I'd be coming mainly to hang out with dudes like you and Grimly and Boag and Tom

I am playing Warhammer 40,000. Its complicated. That works

@allthingsaaron Can I vote for librarians? I love a good fascist librarian, me. ICE 'NEATH STONE: totally freaking awesome.

Can't... stop... poking... atheism thread! Gah! #whitechapel

@vertigojones @catvincent I'm not certain of anything. "I have nothing to offer the world but my own confusion." - Kerouac.

I interviewed @flyinglotus about his new LP #Cosmogramma Read it here http://tinyurl.com/394vrou #music #dubstep #jazz #IDM #electronica

@andrenavarro Spoon disembowelling eh? Heh. Cool.

@vertigojones Groaning under the weight of awesome fiction! Bring it!

@catvincent Religion as mad science. Yes. This, to me, is both useful and utterly modern. All texts can illuminate, all ideas can transform

@andrenavarro likes boobs. But then who doesn't, eh? Eh? Eh? *nudge nudge* *wink wink* #boobquake

@kpatrickglover *ducks* (^_^) ...!

@Sneak046 ... in a culture where open debate is encouraged - then weak ideas like religion would die off sooner. We too polite as a society!

Wow, the atheism debate on Whitechapel is a potential powderkeg. I'm not gonna post anymore, will have a nice cup of #shutthefuckup instead

"Gaga is the poet laureate of the supremely banal." http://tinyurl.com/y5spgmu Via Warren Ellis.

Caprica Six is on Warehouse 13! HAWT.

Oh shit, Texture's #ranting about #music #journalism. Everybody duck. http://texture-writes.livejournal.com/7507.html

@Fauxhammer! Eyyy! Just noticed you wearing yr Weaponizer top in the Scrunchface vid! http://tinyurl.com/y5pploq Cheers dude!! You rock.


The first short story from prolific horror / SF writer and new Weaponeer Tonya R. Moore is a piece of slick, sexy and intelligent urban horror with a stylish, modern feel, set among the damp boondocks of New Orleans. The original image for the story is 'Retro Goth' by Bianca Egea.

How many girls like her ever showed up at a riverside bar in the boondocks? Fiona mused silently. Not many, that’s for sure. The green eyed little bombshell had been a godsend that arrived in the dead of night, seeking relief from the throbbing warmth like some pilgrim fumbling about in the dark. She handled her liquor well too. It was taking a helluva lot of effort to tank her ...READ MORE


This month's cover art is by Wes Kingston, a photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland, and is entitled 'Subsiding Summer over Kelvingrove'. View his site here.

Every month we select an artist or photographer to feature on the front page. If you would like your work displayed here please contact the editor.

Previous Weaponizer artists have included Robin LeBlanc, Veronika Von Volkova, IAMUS, Neil Ford, Andre Navarro and Yoav Segal.


New Weaponeer Christoher Novas is a young NYC-based writer with an affection for XBox. His first piece for us is an un-nerving little flashfic about dreams and reality. The original image for this story is 'Untitled' by Shoehorn99.

I lifted the covers and someone was in my navy blue basketball shorts. A man,perhaps faceless. His penis was out and erect,and there was someone kneeling,another man. I knew him,a family member. Then came the birth stream;the kneeling man guzzled all of it,and writhed on the ground as if wanting more ...READ MORE



Great mix by up-and-coming dubstep producer and recent Black Lantern / Urge Mode signing Shatterfreak over on CONSTRUCT.

>>Construct prsents J'AIME LE DUBSTEP No. 62, mixed by Shatterfreak

Also on the page are two free 320 mp3s by Shatterfreak:



Shatterfreak's 4-track EP A Stitch In Sine is still available as a free download from Black Lantern Music:


Paul S. Grimsley, author of One Bad Decision, returns with this slick little SF thriller flashfic, which is also a cunning sendup of the name of this very site! Applause, laughter! The original image for this story is 'Glass Eye' by Justin Wagner.

his excuse was he wasn't used to them - that there was a hair-trigger problem with the device. there were all kinds of explanations doing the rounds - that his pupils did not dilate properly and that the targeting system misread the intent of the user. whatever the reason, the outcome was a small girl with a large smoking hole through the centre of her head. sure, they could probably use the buffered personality from her nanite riders, and they could reconstruct the physical aspects of her damaged head, but the motivation was still a problem ...READ MORE


The 22nd release from Black Lantern Music is by the mysterious entity that is Kink Slap Simian. His six-track debut Hybrid Man Machina has a strange pedigree and origin, but broadly speaking, it will appeal to lovers of classic-era trip-hop and ambient, particularly devotees of the mid-period Warp records sound. With heavy electro-inspired bass, atmospheric pops and clicks, and strange, filtered vocal loops, this EP does exactly what it says in the title, creating a haunting hybrid of human and machine. Featuring programming and post-production from celebrated electronic pioneer christ. (Benbecula Records) and homegrown trip-hop hero Locum 76 (Herb Recordings), this is an unearthed gem, recalling the heyday of British downtempo electronica.




This pitch-dark horror from Justin Childress, author of The Longest Wish, plays on the fear that many parents have, of their children turning out 'wrong.' What would you do, if your child was a little monster-in-the-making? Would you be able to discipline, or would you have to resort to... Child Care...? The fantastic image for this story is 'Let Kids Dream of Violence' by artist / photograoher id.iom. The original piece was created on canvas, using hand cut stencils, spraypaint, acrylic, paint pen, pastel and chalk.

The people that populated Emerald Avenue’s twelve identical houses, six on each side, were just as well-groomed, and in some cases as symmetrical, as their neighbourhood. These were people who went to church every Sunday, attended the Fourth of July town picnic, and always said “Good Morning!” to their neighbours when picking the newspaper up off their front porch. All of them were just a few inches shy of being gosh-darned perfect, and they all knew it too. Except for the Todds. Their house was just as pretty and identical as the other eleven houses on Emerald Avenue, its lawn just as manicured, its fir tree just as tall and majestic. The general complaint of the neighbourhood wasn’t even with Roger and Sharon Todd, who had moved in immediately after their honeymoon. The problem was their son, Tony ...READ MORE


Don't miss this chance to see the combined might of Black Lantern Music and Concentrated Epics performing live at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh!

Featuring live acts:



Matthew-McLean's post-cyberpunk thriller KANSAS continues today, with a decrypted transmission to the mysterious 'Dragon-san.' But who is the man in the bandages? The original image for this series is 'Megacity' by Raunov.

"It is my utmost hope that your new optical unit is operating correctly. If it has not suited you, we have kept your M-518 unit in cyrogenic freeze as per your request. It is still keyed to your genetic code."...READ MORE



I am proud to announce....


18-28 AUGUST, 21:50 – 22.50


Broken word, grotesque burlesque, punk venom, ritual invokkation... the light entertainment at the end of the tunnel...

Chemical Poets are a performance poetry collective formed by vocalists from three of Edinburgh's most vital live acts:

Texture, vocal collaborator with dubstep overlord Morphamish

Tickle, from agit-jazz hip-hop wonders Burning Bright

Harlequinade from doom-noise rap terrorists Sileni

Ramshackle. Focused, caustic while enthralling, soothing yet rousing; the world of Chemical Poets is an exhilarating experience.

Since their formation 2006, Chemical Poets have performed at the Wickerman Festival (2007 & 2010), at the TenTracks Post-Apocalyptic Cabaret, and at the Edinburgh Fringe (2007). In 2007 they won the VoXBoX Team Slam. Individually, they are all Slam champions: Tickle won the Aye Write Slam in 2008, Harlequinade won the Stanza Slam in 2010, and Texture won the Is This Poetry? Slam in summer 2010. In 2008 they published their first collection, Chemical Poets Manual 01 (Red Squirrel Press). After a brief sabbatical in 2009, during which they launched the netlabel Black Lantern Music, they have returned to the Edinburgh Fringe as part of PBH’s Free Fringe.

Celebrated heroes of the Edinburgh underground spoken word scene, TWENTY TENTACLE is their first devised show, featuring high-speed hip-hop poetry performed at a rate of 202 words per minute (an average of 3.38 words per second). Containing songs, political diatribes, science fiction stories, thought experiments and linguistic sigil magick, TWENTY TENTACLE will thrill, entertain and astound!

'Apocalyptic soundclash ... underground sensations.' (The Skinny)

‘Likeably spiky.’ (The Scotsman)

'Brilliant.' (BBC Radio Scotland)

'Get out and see them.' (Brikolage)

‘More than hip-hop, more than live art, much more than poetry.’ (Underword)

Merchandise, including tee-shirts, CDs, and copies of the book Chemical Poets Manual 01, will be on sale after the show. The show is FREE to attend - please come along, tell your friends, and buy some merch!




Robert Whitfield, author of Running, returns with a mysterious supernatural piece about angels... but are they what they seem to be, or something more incredible, more dangerous? The stunning original image for this story is 'Why?' by Chiara Lily.

I was just a child when the first of them appeared. An old guy out walking his dog in the countryside stumbled across a quarry that should never have been there. Looking down into it he saw a young girl lying naked. He was all over the TV the following day, explained how she was lying on her front, had no signs of injury; her skin, whilst pale, wasn’t even bruised. Her short dark hair looked freshly washed. He paused at this point, said he could hear her crying in agony. He moved down the quarry face towards her. He saw that her left wing appeared to be broken badly, the feathers, a dark grey in colour he recalled, were beginning to fall off. Many were scattered around her, blending in with the grey earth she lay upon ...READ MORE


Horror maestro Neal Turner returns with another bloody tale of the supernatural... or is it? The original image for this story is 'In The Bleak Midwinter' by Ali Cat.

Leaning on the upturned wreck that was his car, Gray tried to steady himself, his heart racing, head spinning, fighting to keep his knees from buckling. He hadn’t seen the pickup truck that had speared his passenger side door. He couldn’t remember much that had happened after that either, but the pickup must have been going at some speed, considering his car now lay off the freeway, having jumped a ditch and barely missed a large chestnut tree. The bright red pickup had stopped at the ditch however, the harsh afternoon sun shining on its caved in chrome grille, the windscreen cracked into thousands of fragments, but still holding in the frame ...READ MORE



My interview with seminal rapper El-P was published in The Skinny this month. This was a big deal for me - El-P is my favourite rapper of all time, and someone I personally admire a great deal, not just for his writing and production, but for his ethics, business acumen and philosophy too.

El-P was a really awesome dude, and he kept me laughing all the way through this interview. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! El-P opens up on the subjects of his new album, WEAREALLGOINGTOBURNINHELLMEGAMIXXXVOL3, on gentrification in Brooklyn, the 'free economy' as it relates to music, on fucking with Justin Bieber on Twitter, and on the possibility of new Company Flow material... read the full article by clicking on the text below.

"One day I realised Justin Bieber was on Twitter, and I started fucking with him. My first question to him was, ‘Have you discovered cocaine and hookers yet?’ Why? Because personally I get the fucking heebie-jeebies from that whole little Disney, insane-pop-child-sexuality-weirdness deal he puts out there. See, the thing I love about remixing is that you can turn anything on its head. You can take any idea, any sentiment and just change the perspective. So Justin Bieber’s little woeful, bullshit, pre-pubescent, lovelorn, pre-sealed-by-whoever-wrote-it-for-him song can all of a sudden become this beastly, angry thing. That was why it was fun for me. But at the same time, listening to it, once I had finished... I went into it very tongue in cheek, but by the time I was done with it, I was like ‘I like this shit!’ Not only do I kinda like it... I kinda like the vocals too! The most hate reactions I got to it were people cursing me to Hell for making them like Justin Bieber. I’m just a vehicle, you know? I’m just a vehicle, and Satan works through me.”

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