Sub-Commandante Steve Worsethandetroit reporting for duty sah!. As mentioned earlier in Bram's Letter from the Editor, I will be dropping by occasionally from my usual online bunker-silo to post the odd nugget, link, clip or photo over here as well. You will doubtless find out more about me as we go, as details leak from the neural-interface that Bram insisted we had surgically implanted when we agreed to become part of the Weaponizer team, but let me give you a couple of details first.

I've been running my blog "Beware of Unreal Things" since 2008, and talking shit on twitter a little while longer. A lover of all things SF, I grew up living on a steady dose of fighting fantasy novels, age-inappropriate movies and 8-bit videogames.

I grow stuff and post the occasional photo of them on flickr, as well as the more usual photos of cats and other minutiae.

Anyway, you aren't here to hear about me, so in order to finish this first day of the new term off with a bleep, crunch, whistle and thump I figured what better way than with a quick blast of  the legendary Squarepusher's latest video for his track 'Dark Steering' off the forthcoming album 'Ufabulum'. Squarepusher himself designed the glitchy LED visuals for the video, which he describes as it seeming "as if the viewer is ever accelerating through massive corridors of books."  Anyway check it out:

End Transmission.

Steve Worsethandetroit

Resistance is Character Forming


A man and a boy face the winter together in Langdon Hickman's bleak, wonderful piece "Burning Away As One".

The black sky above him boomed and rippled. The cloud cover hadn’t broken the whole time he’d known the world like this, with its ever-persisting chill and endless expanse of snow covering every damn inch. Five years ago, Thomas looked up at the same sky and nearly killed himself when he realized finding his wife and daughter was hopeless, but the walking had given him a broader perspective of things, and he could no longer summon the strength to contemplate it. There was nothing but the black, nothing but the snow. A streak of red ran through the clouds. READ FICTION: "BURNING AWAY AS ONE" NOW!


 Jason December, Clyde and Tommy march in to the spirit-world to take on demonic soul-stealer Mister Sticks, in the thrilling conclusion to C. Brian Hickey's magickal urban fantasy horror series WORKING CLASS PALADIN

In a large room, what could have been a communal shower in the hospital’s heyday, Mister Sticks sat on a throne of severed, rotten heads, the congealed fluids smearing his suit. The heads were stacked as orderly as could be expected, those with long hair plaited together, and driven through with rebar to keep it stable ...READ 'WORKING CLASS PALADIN: CHAPTER 9' NOW!

If you haven't read the series, or you want to catch up before reading the final chapter, here are some quick links to get you up to speed:




Weaponizer went dark in December 2011, and we've been pretty quiet since then. This move was pretty unexpected - sometimes life just takes you unawares. I started a Masters course in Creative Writing in August last year, and it has been absolutely brilliant, really helping my development as a writer and giving me lots to read, write and think about. Unfortunately, it turned out that running a website full time as well as studying was something of a tall order. I failed to keep up with submissions and uploads, and the site went dark. So before we all start celebrating Weaponizer's return, I feel I should apologise to both the site's writers and its readers, particularly those of you who faithfully checked the site every day when we were at full speed, and those writers whose serialised stories were interrupted.

The good news is, neither I, nor the idea of the site have been entirely dormant. As you'll see in an upcoming announcement on this blog, we are re-launching last year's print project Weaponizer Quarterly as the ongoing Weaponizer Magazine. The relaunched issue #1 goes on sale at the end of this week.

Featuring an exclusive interview with fan-favourite author China Mieville, and with an incredible cover by Mike Rooth, the magazine features exclusive content only available in print, including comics by Stref', Hey Apathy! and Darkam, new fiction by Weaponizer favourites such as C. Brian Hickey, Aaron Jacobs, and Will Couper, artwork from Veronika Von Volkova, Emmanuel Hernaez aka MojoKingBee and Dmitri Arbacauskus of Tormented Artifacts, and much, much more. My plan for Weaponizer was always to establish a paying market for fiction writers and artists - the magazine brings us one step closer to making that a reality. We don't pay much at the moment, but I hope that will change as the magazine begins to sell!

Another big change to the site: as you may or may not know, Weaponizer has been something of a two-man show since the launch in 2007. Our web designer Cook handles the back end, curates our comics section, and helps out with uploading content, while the main editorial duties have been handled by either myself, or Tom Sewel. All that is about to change. Allow me to introduce our brand new editorial team!


COOK will be uploading COMICS and helping me run SERIALS. Being that he's the site architect, no-one knows Weaponizer better than Cook. You can check out some of his music and web design over at If we're lucky, he might even do some blog posts for us -  he is the Master of Memes, and very knowledgeable about esoteric subjects.

TOM SEWEL is our FLASH FICTION editor. He has previously run submissions for the whole site, managing to keep my arse out of the fire quite spectacularly. Given that Tom ran the site alone for several months, I'm extremely grateful that he's coming back on board for more, rather than stabbing me in the neck with a fork or something. Tom is @illexical on Twitter.

PAUL S. GRIMSLEY is the new co-editor of the FLASH FICTION category. He has previously written loads for the site, including the ongoing serial WEAPON EYES, SIR. He publishes more of his superb fiction via Lulu. Paul is @musehick on Twitter.

C. BRIAN HICKEY is the new co-editor of the FICTION category. The creator of the JASON DECEMBER universe, several serials for the site, and the recent Kindle collection THAT WEIRD CITY with Aaron Jacobs, Chris is @Fauxhammer on Twitter.

We have a new regular blogger of all things weird and wonderful: STEVE WORSETHANDETROIT. Steve's awesome Tumblr is just about the best, most informative thing in our corner of the internet - he'll be posting links, clips, pictures and whatever else he feels like, intermittently, on the Weaponizer blog. Steve is @Sneak046 onTwitter.

Lastly, there's me. I started the site back in 2007 as a way to motivate myself to write more. Five years on, I've written a bunch, and I've worked with 94 writers and counting on the Weaponizer site and the magazine. It's been a hell of a ride, and I can't wait to see where it takes me next! I will be overseeing the editorial team, editing FICTION and NONFICTION, plus looking after SERIALS. I am @t3xtur3 on Twitter. 

In short, we now have a strong team of talented, committed, passionate editors adding content to the site. I hope this will mean fewer delays and breaks in scheduling of content, faster turnaround on new submissions, and more of a community feel on the blog. If you submit something to the site now, you will hear back from one of the gents listed above, so watch out for their emails! You can chat to the whole team online via the @weaponizer twitter as well. If checking the blog regularly isn't your thing, sign up for the FRIENDLY FIRE newsletter, which will feature links to all of the content from the site week-by-week, plus rants and hijinks from our editors!

In the coming days and weeks, I hope all of the new team will be able to write a blog post introducing themselves and talking about their interests and accomplishments, so you can get to know them better. In the meantime... find a comfy spot, sit back, and enjoy the show.

I'll be back later today with the long-awaited, thrilling conclusion of C. Brian Hickey's WORKING CLASS PALADIN!

As Gza used to say,
- Bram E. Gieben aka Texture, Editor-in-chief

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