Another new Weaponeer, young master Alan Crossan, joins the ranks today with a splendid work of family and loss amid the backdrop of a South American junta's policy of disappearing dissidents.

It had been different in his youth of course. He had been an idealist in those long, distant days. He was there when they raised the red flag over the barricades in Plaza San Martin, when tear gas stung his red rimmed eyes and the bodies of murdered comrades littered the streets like piles of ragged cloth left out by a dressmaker to disintegrate in the rain. He had felt the soil beneath his fingernails as he lifted kerb stones to hurl towards the oncoming ranks of police. He had smelled the explosive cocktail of petrol fumes and desperation which permeated the revolutionary air. He was there when the city burned, when billowing clouds of black smoke blotted out the Argentine sun like some ominous genie unleashed from its lamp. He was there.




The exsanguinous action continues in the long-awaited fourth installment of Josh McGraw's grindhouse bloodfest, CHOSEN. What makes a hunter of vampires? Find out here!

“He was doing this whole ‘let’s go crazy attacking things’ shit long before we found you.
I think he’s going to keep throwing himself against the darkness until it breaks him.”

I light another one; this is that kind of conversation. “I don’t want to be here when that
happens, Maria.”

She holds out her hand again. “Me neither, but what are we going to do?”



If there are two things we love here at Weaponizer, it's arson and people having indecent congress with beasts of the field, and Weaponizer stalwart Paul Grimsley does not disappoint in this fiery little flashfic entitled BACK GARDEN.

the hit to thee back of the head came as a total surprise.

'arrogant little shit, aren't you?'

he looked up - mrs mitchum stood there with a rolling pin. how long had he been out? he was wrapped in gaffer tape and gagged and bound.




Post-apocalyptic fiction these days usually imagines the end of our civilization; look at The Road, Mad Max, or the Fallout games. Everything we know falls apart, the black snows begin to swirl, and bands of cannibal raiders make the living envy the dead. But humankind has been around a long time, and ours isn't the first empire upon the Earth. In this flash fiction, C. Brian Hickey takes a look at a much older society on the brink.

Four ships sped forth with our cargo: codices, plants, beasts, to the four corners of the world. Kalutet and the Tiger, to the West, Aramet and the Eagle to the North, and Solomet and myself to the East, through the Pillars. He would sail across the Middle Sea in the Bear and then trek across the Steppe, while the Gull and I would land at the mighty river the inhabitants called Iteru. There we would build, and teach, and rule.

Sacrilege though it may be, I would trade it all, defy the King Himself, for one more night with my Timulet.




As Dorothy and the hunter move through the forest, they encounter many strange and dangerous creatures. But as always, there is one creature who is more dangerous than all of the others put together... and they're about to meet it. Zach Leverton's cavepunk fantasy continues in Part Four of ELKWOOD!

The cabin disturbed me. It shouldn't have been here, shouldn't have existed. When the first civil men came here they tried settling by the mountains to begin mines. Before the first rock was split the homes and tents were obliterated in the night. Anything but the most temporary shelter would be carried off by the wind or smashed by falling rocks or angry ogres. The forest had no interest in civilization, would have no part of it... until the white dogs came ...READ 'ELKWOOD: PART FOUR' NOW!



As the Chief Editor here at Weaponizer, I rarely get to post my own writing these days, which feels strange, because I initially started the site to showcase my own work. Now we're about to add our 100th writer to the site, so I felt it was about time to post something of my own again. For a year I've been writing a novel (and blogging about the process over on my Tumblr), and completing a Masters degree in Creative Writing. There are still several other short stories kicking about that had their genesis in the degree, but they're sitting in a pile marked 'to sell' and are largely unfinished. However, I recently dug out this piece, which I wrote for Boing Boing's 2009 'Gadget Fiction' contest, where it received a special mention, but didn't make the shortlist. I've given it a bit of spit and polish, and I now present it here for your reading pleasurezzzz. (Bram E. Gieben, September 2012).

Vinnie screens the latest updates from his feeds with a small sigh. The sigh is like a compressed squirt of gas escaping from a geosynch-ship’s exhaust vents as it corrects position, fleeing a collision vector in the metal-choked stratosphere. A rattling, liquid squirt ...READ SHORT FICTION: 'SEARCH ENGINE' NOW!



Introducing a new Weaponeer, M. Trevelean, an Edinburgh-based writer of dark fiction and satire. His debut novel  Tartare topped the charts in comedy and popular culture on the Harper Collins site Authonomy and has since been published as an e-book on Amazon. His first tale for Weaponizer is about life flashing before your eyes. Three, two, one, ZER0...

As Jonathan plunged through the air, storey by storey rushing past like a flick book of shiny reflective images, he could see his life unravel before him. Bubbles of precious oxygen, trapped in amniotic fluid, became the terrible miracle of birth; emerging from the cavernous dark into a cold world of fingers and scissors. Childhood seamlessly became adolescence in a blur of ice cream and party balloons, tantrums and ageing cartoons. The unpleasantness of puberty awkwardly passed in a blink of the secretary's eye, on-looking from the fortieth floor's accountancy firm; a company he had never cared for and who coincidentally had never cared for him ...READ FLASH FICTION: 'ZER0' NOW!



Zach Leverton's cavepunk fantasy adventure ELKWOOD continues! Tracking deeper into the supernatural, snowbound forest, our hero and his faithful familiar and protector Dorothy encounter more strange creatures... danger and mystery await in Part Three of ELKWOOD!

My feet ached. I could feel the sole of my shoe collapsing in on the ball of my foot as it contorted to find grip on the slick obsidian rocks of the mountain. The sky was grey and endless, growing more eternal as we rose above the tree line at the base. Here there was no snow, no trees, nothing. Jagged, hard, cold nothing ascending into more horrible nothing. Dorothy skipped and hopped over the rocks with ease, commanding this environment as any other she met. She would bound ahead and scout the way, then wait for me as always. The rifle became a kind of walking stick, I scuffed the stock through the lacquer as I balanced on it and wedged it between rocks to hoist myself up ...READ 'ELKWOOD: PART THREE' NOW!


This is getting to be a habit, but... we owe you an apology, both as a reader and a potential contributor.

In 2012 we launched Weaponizer as a magazine - that project was a success on its own terms, and issue 2 is in the works. But as a result, the site has once again become something of a ghost town.

We're working hard behind the scenes to sort the schedules and engagement of our editorial staff, all of whom are unpaid volunteers with their own lives, jobs, families and creative projects.

We're forging ahead with our newest serial, the magnificent ELKWOOD, part 3 of which debuts today.

In the coming weeks, we hope to contact ALL of the writers who have submitted flash fiction, nonfiction and other pieces in the last year. There's a big backlog - so please accept our heartfelt apologies for the delay. If you've sent us something and not received a reply yet, please expect one in the next two to three weeks. If we STILL haven't got back to you, email us and remind us! We may have overlooked a few things, so chase us up.

Our chief editor, Bram, is now finished with his Masters degree, and is back on the editing queue. Our other editors are all familiarising themselves with the site, and will be posting new stories soon. Particularly with regards to Flash Fiction, you should see more posts here in the coming months.

Thanks for sticking with us - we're really looking forward to telling you all about Weaponizer Magazine #2, and sharing new groundbreaking fiction with you.

- The Weaponizer Team

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