Zach Leverton's cavepunk oddysey ELKWOOD continues! Spanning horror, fantasy and speculative fiction, Leverton's mysterious tale gets deeper and weirder in this episode, as we learn more about the origin of the hunters and their intelligent white dogs. Read Part Six now!

We came to this place looking for secrets. We called it Urrut, which in the old tongue meant Old Place. It bordered a small kingdom of no significance, other than that it was near these mountains. The borderland was vast; long plains of grass and great rock shelves, impossible to climb. Cranes and bridges had to be built so that men could cross. When the expenses for it were accrued, many asked “Why bother? What possible reason could there be for men to bring their wives and children to Hell?” ...READ SERIAL: 'ELKWOOD' PART SIX NOW!



"Manborg is a creative and hilarious love letter to a VHS sub culture. Perhaps it has limited appeal to only those who know what we mean when we refer to a top loader. Perhaps those weened on a diet of CGI will fail to understand the beauty and static grace of stop animation. 

Kostanski didn't make Manborg for the masses but he has openly expressed his love of this sub-genre of cinema for everyone to see. 

He made Manborg for those of us who lived and breathed it in our youths and it was a welcome trip down memory lane and a rocking good time."

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KILLBASH is the new webcomic by SPACE SHARK creator Chris Graves. Only Graves could get away with a comic where a pants-less, skull-faced Santa fights a super-soldier to the death over money shot priveleges. It's fucking awesome stuff. Go read it now, and then check out the Space Shark archives!



This is awesome - a shot of Weaponizer Magazine cover artist Mike Rooth and scribe Steven Ormosi at the New York Comic-Con. Check out the awesome banner! Congrats on the awesome booth Mike - hope you're having a good time! We still have some copies of issue 1 of the mag left - get your copy today!


TRUE SKIN from H1 on Vimeo.

Written & Directed by: Stephan Zlotescu
Director of Photography: H1
Original Music: J-Punch
Producer: Christopher Sewall
Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment
An N1ON Production



Having grown up Catholic in the 1970s and 1980s in Boston, I'd heard about some of the priests did to kids. This was way before the sex abuse scandal broke wide open, of course; back then it was another secret in a town webbed together with secrets. People took care of their own, and it wasn't always pretty.

New contributor Mike Townsend, also from Massachusetts, remembers as well, and he's painted a grim little picture of those days in his first piece for Weaponizer, entitled SAINT MARY'S. It's a story of innocence lost, faith betrayed, and a father's love for his damaged son.

My boy is clearly hurting. I can see it in the way he gets out of bed, still bawling. He still hasn't said word one. What the fuck? Normally by now he'd be trying to argue and convince me not to punish him. This ain't like him at all. His spirit's totally broken. He stands in the corner stiffly and begins to tone down the crying. His body still shakes with sobs though. Christ, I've got to work on toughening him up. He's seven for crying out loud. It's a bit past the point where he should be acting like a baby. As I finish the bottle I notice it and almost throw up. There's a spot of blood on the seat of his pants. Looking over, there's another one on the sheet where was sitting. My little boy wasn't in a fucking fight. Without my thinking about it, my fingers clench into fists.




Daniel likes music. In fact, he doesn't just like it, he loves it. To be honest, he more than loves it. He's obsessed. Compelled to listen. Driven by music. His life a soundtrack. It's not unhealthy, is it? Everyone likes music, don't they? In this often humorous, darkly comic tale from M Trevelean, author of the recent story ZER0, you can learn exactly what goes on in the minds of those people who need to soundtrack their lives, wandering around with their headphones on, oblivious to human interaction...

Daniel sat down at the dinner table, turned off track 33 (I've bought something new) on his minidisc player and took the box out of the plastic bag. Placing the box on the table he impatiently tore off the tape that held the flaps in place and slid out the polystyrene packaging. There it was. Wedged into the foam like a glistening pearl; his new iPod. 'I’m going to need to dedicate a new track,' he thought, as he started to lever the player out of the packaging - track 950 (I'm listening to my iPod) ...READ FICTION: PHILHARMONIC' NOW!



Our narrator is in serious trouble - captured by a mysterious hermit, his life hangs in the balance. With no gun, no supplies, no chance of escape, and no sign of his faithful dog Dorothy, could this be the end for our hero? Find out now in Part Five of Zach Leverton's cavepunk / fantasy / horror saga, ELKWOOD!

His oaken eyes were always on me. They seemed to shine with sap in the autumn light under his great brow. His beard, gnarled with knot and vine and plant, dangled over his chest and all around him. It snowed seedlings and pollen. He was standing on a tree stump, lording over my naked body. I was kneeling in the amber-gold leaves as if in worship. When he moved the sound was like wind passing through thin, dry branches. He raised a gnarled, slender hand and from his palm flowers sprouted and wilted in an instant, tumbling to the stump in a delicate pile. All around him the dogs watched. They sat among the trees and their great eyes glimmered gently in the soft shade. A noise came from all places as if the unseen mountains were cracking in half. The din shook the trees and made the dogs all stand ...READ 'ELKWOOD' PART FIVE NOW!



Welcome back our regular columnist and political rabble-rouser Daniel Ross, who this week brings you an acerbic, controversial column about the upcoming US elections. Actually, who are we kidding, what he's saying isn't controversial. It's a set of well known facts - facts which, if presented to the majority of people, are treated with blithe indifference or ignorant outrage. 

Since the advent of television, the PR industry has really blossomed and is an integral cog in the machine. In fact, I’d say it is the oil that greases the gears, dripping with cantankerous claims and manipulative methods. The problem with this picture however, is that even the public relations officers and all their years of experience in social engineering and manufacturing consent are nothing but an illusion. It’s just part of the show ...READ NONFIC: 'IT'S SHOWTIME!' NOW!

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